Assignment # 7- Mid-Semester reflection

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Assignment 7- mid-semester reflection…

I would say I’m doing pretty good in CT101, I get to class on time and participate when I can, and I’m also starting to get the hang of these assignments.

I would say I learned how to use hyperlinks I see them everywhere and before this class I had no idea how even to use them. Now that I think about it I could’ve just searched up “how to use hyperlinks?”

I mention that to say that hyperlinks are something I’m learning to use regularly because I aim to be a content creator and hyperlinks are so much more efficient and less wordy.

All though it took me a minute to learn how even to blog or how to make an efficient blog I think I’m getting the hang of it compared to my first post


What grade do I believe I am maintaining and why do I deserve that grade?

I think the letter grade I  am maintaining is a B+. I think I deserve that grade because I do attend class(bare minimum) but besides attending class I’m only missing one assignment ,in addition to that I participate in class when I can. I can improve on that, I just don’t like interrupting and then next thing I know we’re on the next assignment.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain why –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

compared to my first post my blog work has definitely expanded because I had no idea how to hyperlink and I wasn’t really  trying I just wanted to get it over with. but now that I know how to do more my blogs are more creative. I know that I can add more videos and images  my laptop has been running out of space though  I’m trying to get in that.

Are there any assignments that you are missing? If so, list them.

I’m only missing assignment number 6.

I have so far completed

Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3, Assignment 4, Assignment 5 

Are you commenting regularly on your classmates posts? Are you responding back to comments given to you by the professor & your classmates?

I actually have not been commenting much on anyone’s post because I had so many papers and homework in other classes and I genuinely forgot I comment.

This is the time to be accountable. How will you make needed improvements?

I will definitely start cutting out time so I have more time to do everything and get my assignments done on time

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