Assignment 7: Potential Names!

It’s time for a new blog!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to class because I am sick but that’s beside the point. After watching the videos and reading Ryan’s post I’ve been thinking about my domain name! Well not really I still think as I’m writing.

However, I do know what I want to do for my website. I want a website to show all of my artwork from over the years. An online art portfolio so I can send it to future jobs to show that I am qualified to work. Also, to look back at my work years from now.

SO! Now let’s start with the names


Okay hear me out, I think it is a good name because I want it to be short and the other names are just variations of this. I want it simple.

See with this, ts a cool name because it is straight to the point and simple… However, you can see an issue, it looks like it says cart rather than art. which would seem that I sell carts rather than show my art.
This one is good but in my head, all I see is Michael’s…. the perks of having a name like mine lol.

4.MichaelColladoArt.comThis is definitely my least favorite one because it’s too long and very basic.

5. MCworks.comJust like the previous ones this wasn’t strong, it felt off in my opinion. Maybe if I switch around the words then maybe.

I think that all I had, was short because the names were self-explanatory and I think all of them have the potential for my website.

Till next time!!

3 thoughts on “Assignment 7: Potential Names!”

  1. Hi, Michael! I really like the first domain name, I think it rolls off the tongue really well! I also like Art and am excited to see what you have in store. What mediums are you most comfortable with? Take care!

  2. Sounds good!
    A showcase art portfolio is a good idea for the site, I love it, and it is necessary for an artist!
    You will be able to retain the proof of “internet existence via your domain first” publishing and storing your work via your domain first.
    Great choice of potential domain names too~ easy and to the point – this makes it easy for peeps to find you!

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