Assignment #7: The Domain

Assignment #7

I never thought of Domains I would use for my own website. This is all new to me and it has challenged me to think creatively of what would be the best options for me. I definitely have an idea of what I would post on the website though. It’s just the challenging part of thinking of a good domain and choosing which domain fits me the best. These are what I have came up with so far: – “SlickRickEA” is my Instagram handle and it originated from my liking of the name “Slick Rick” which proceeded to becoming aware of the rapper himself. The name always stood out to me more than any other names and I continued using it as a username for most sites. I feel like using this as a Domain is a good option because it’s easier to remember and its a common username for me. – This really doesn’t have any creativity to it. It’s just a basic domain using my first initial and full last name which is the same format for my login for this school’s app. – Another generic and basic name that just has my last name first and my first name last.

“Risky , but effective” – This name is tricky because my initials can be mistaken for the gaming business “EA sports”, but I like it due to me being a Journalist and it goes into my plans for the website.

Writing& – Another Journalistic title domain that is self explanatory. – A domain that focuses on what I am passionate about.

“How I feel about creating a Website”

In terms of what my website will be about, I plan on it focusing on everything and in Journalism format. I feel like I can use the website to post my blogs on stories I have covered and will write about. There is always a story in the world and my plan is to write about it. I feel like sticking to just one beat will be tiresome and not as interesting as switching up the categories and giving the reader a much more diverse layout.

I am excited for what’s to come in creating this website because it’ll be a first for me, but it’ll be another tool that I can use in the future. It will probably inspire me to create other websites that focuses on other things such as opinions, sports, or even my favorite website YouTube. There are many creative websites out there such as Giphy and the New York Times which I adore because one site allows you to create your own Gifs while the other informs you of the important news within the world. The point of the websites I have listed are to entertain the reader, but all 3 are unique from each other just with a common theme. All 3 are also tools that can help the reader. Youtube helps with understanding the internet and giving people the opportunity to have a career. Giphy helps with creating your own gif and sharing it with others to potentially getting it popularized. The New York Times helps with learning how Journalism works and how to indulge their audience into their articles.