Assignment #7- Domains Domains –  I’ll reveal how I grew my natural hair to waist length in four years. I’ll share why I began my natural hair adventure and why I took off all of my relaxed hair. I will also provide advice on how to grow long, thick, and healthy natural hair. – I would provide housekeeping ideas and methods. I will also give folks suggestions on how to jazz up their homes to make them warmer and more welcoming, as well as recommend home décor and furniture.– I enjoy watching movies and television shows, and when I fall in love with one, I tell my family and friends to watch it, and I watch it a million times till I get bored of it. I also enjoy convincing others to view movies and giving them my honest evaluation. I also like film criticism and informing others that watching the film would be a waste of time. –  I like traveling and will provide honest assessments of locations, restaurants, and amusement parks that I have visited. I will also provide travel advice to make your trip safer and more convenient. – I’ll be presenting outfits inspired by some of my favorite celebs. Giving fashion advice to let people feel more at ease with their bodies and clothing of choice. I’ll be presenting a catalog of low-cost trendy clothing together with promo coupons. I will also be styling and combining the most recent fashion trends. I wish to create this website to provide fashion advice and educate others on how to put together outfits.–  This will be an excellent domain name for the website I will develop since it is unique because it is my official name, and I doubt it will be taken. I plan to share my life experiences with followers and keep them up to date with daily journals.– I’ll be telling readers about my life experiences. Readers are welcome to ask me questions regarding my life. Alternatively, they might seek my counsel to assist them in making a tough decision. 

I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life as a website owner. I want my website to be an inviting platform where I can share my knowledge and expertise with others. 

My favorite websites:

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  1. Great work on this!
    I love the format of the post using a concise list of potential domains with clear (and fun) descriptions!
    Good work on organizing and sharing the websites that you like as well. This is good for context.
    This is a super fun and exciting project, we will cover a lot of great new and creative stuff with the process!

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