Week #5: DS 106 Assignment

Week #5: DS 106 Assignment


Writing is a specialty of mine and my strongest attribute. I enjoy writing and thinking creativity which leads to putting the pen onto paper. When going on the ds106 assignment bank, there were many choices I could have chosen, but the one I’m familiar with is writing. After clicking on the writing assignments, I looked through the newest, but didn’t find anything of interest until clicking the ratings tab. This assignment caught my attention because it was unique and fun to think about. I decided to remix it and put the assignment into poem form.

I can be messy, I can be dirty, I can be whatever you make me be.

I wake up when you wake up.

You need me to hold you

As you gaze upon the stars.

I am heavy so be careful

You cannot lift me by yourself.

Sometimes I struggle and pain is what I felt.

I can come crashing down if not screwed right.

Mess me up and I won’t be the same.

I can be comfy the most.

Or hard as a rock.

Place a pillow on me

No door, but you are going to knock.

Morning or Night

Whichever one you like.

Give me sheets and a mattress

It’ll be a Good Night.

The reason that I chose this item/tool is because it’s comfortable and helps me do the activity I always do. It’s a very useful tool and thought it would be fun taking its perspective since most people use it as well. I am also not a big poem guy so this is all just my interpretation of what a poem would look like. I made the item obvious, but thoroughly enjoyed writing this poem due to the mystery aspect within it, which is what I usually invest in.

I chose this assignment because after seeing what was done during class, I felt inspired to give it a try. I have messed around with photoshopping a long time ago, but it was very mediocre and I did not know anything. I was young at the time and loved wrestling, specifically World Wrestling Entertainment or in short, WWE. I loved it to the point where I found a community that also favored the product and roleplayed as their favorite wrestlers. I decided to join in and roleplay as my favorite wrestler “Randy Orton” known for his finishing move, R.K.O. which is his real life initials. In doing so, I would grab photos of him from google images and photoshop things such as a championship belt or him talking on the mic. It was sloppy and wasn’t very well done, but it was an attempt at photoshopping without knowing how to do it. Now I’m more older and I see this as an opportunity to gain photoshopping skills by taking on this assignment which seems very simple based on the description.

I think a project of this stature will probably require at least 2 or 3 times in order to learn how to photoshop. 1st time will obviously be your first attempt and it’ll help you learn from your mistakes once you do the 2nd one. It’s like a draft and then a final draft. I think photoshopping skills are important because it brings the creative flow out of people and helps them think of many ways that they can pair whoever and whatever together. For example in Avengers Endgame, people could photoshop the X-Men into the scene with all the heroes and it would be cool to see. On this website, they go into further detail on why photoshopping is important.

WK 4 Assignment: Memes are a form of Art

Like the title says, “Memes are a form of Art”. Art is derived from creativity and it exists all around us. Everything we look at can be considered art depending on the context. I am currently typing this out and thinking to myself that this blog post is another form of Art. Art can be beautiful, sad, happy, confusing, or funny. All of these aspects exists within memes and I would describe memes as the digital version of Art.

The one quote that stood out to me when searching on the web “Are memes art?” is “Art is constantly evolving, but if the purpose of art is to express human truth, the Internet meme fits the bill.” The quote makes sense and relates to my opinion that memes are truly art. Memes are a form of art that exists within the internet and it’s also gaining more publicity due to the evolution the world has transitioned into. Art such as paintings and pictures give the same feeling that a meme would give depending on what it is. A benefit to memes is also that it’s on the internet and can be easily shared amongst friends and family.

In Kate Knibbs’s “Are memes the pop culture art of our era“, she brings up an interesting point that I did not think of. She mentions the importance of memes and bringing them into mainstream art. She then uses the example of Grumpy Cat and how the meme was brought to real life and inspired 30 studio Artists to create themed artwork of it. I never thought about the fact that memes can also be brought to life and in mainstream art. This is another example on why Memes should be considered art. Artists are now creating galleries of memes in real life to showcase to their audience and it is a fascinating thing to think about. This ultimately means that anyone can  possibly have their memes be on display in real life.

In the video “Are LOLCats and Internet Memes Art” the Youtuber discusses how memes are indeed Art by relating it to quotes that historians have said. Such as Leo Tolstoy who says “To evoke in oneself a feeling one has once experienced and having evoked it in oneself, then by means of movement, lines, colors, sounds or forms expressed in words so to transmit that feeling that others experience the same feeling.” with the closing quote from the Youtuber that says “this is the activity of art”. Pretty much what this all means is Tolstoy was ahead of his time and defined memes to be art by expressing one’s personal feelings and others being able to express the same feelings. That’s what memes do and continue to be doing nowadays. In fact, the world seems to be transitioning more into memes and gifs a opposed to the natural art format of pictures and paintings.

Another video I found worth watching on YouTube is titled “Memes: Art of the Internet Age” where it goes over the history of art and memes and discusses whether or not Memes are a form of art.

Assignment 2: Feelings About CT 101 So Far

Before taking CT 101, I was taking a bunch of Journalism classes. In the class, there would be mentions of students who either majored in CT or who are currently taking the class CT 101. My professor would usually vouch for the class and inform the students that taking the class will help towards the path of Journalism in learning editing skills and transitioning Journalists digitally. However, I did not think much of it and brushed it to the side.

My reaction whenever CT was brought up.


As the semester came into a close…

My excitement over the semester ending
I started doing my advisements and since my old advisor retired, I needed a new one. I chose to do advisements with Prof. Moore and he gave me suggestions on courses I should take and gave reasons why. He spoke about CT 101 as a potential course to take due to it’s versatile and unique way of providing students a learning of how to use the web to it’s capabilities.  

When it came down to officially enrolling in the courses, I chose CT 101 without being sure of what I’m getting into.

My brief reaction to being unaware of what’s to come

Now fast forward to the first class in which I did not appear due to sleeping late and waking up later, I was off to a bad start.

Me looking back at myself for that mistake

However, things picked up once I attended the second class since it’s when we really started working. I learned about the usage of Gifs and captions and using the two to create a masterpiece. Not to mention using hyperlinks and YouTube videos to add more flavor into the blog. Overall, the second time attending the class I learned a lot of computing skills and created my first blog on this site.

My reaction after completing my first blog on this site

Now this will be my second blog and my concluding thoughts is that I hope I get to learn more on using the web to my best capabilities and I aspire to use this for my Journalism work.

Blog Completed

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet? Youtube

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet? YouTube

YouTube is a social media platform for many creators to express themselves and create content for viewers to enjoy. It’s been around for years now and it continues to grow as more content creators provides a great experience for their audiences. I personally enjoy watching YouTube videos daily ranging from reaction videos to gameplay videos. 

Reaction videos are interesting content to me mostly because it’s reacting to other people’s thoughts and feelings towards something. Watching a reaction video to a funny video will often have me laughing more at the reaction rather than the funny video itself.


Me laughing at a reaction video
Me laughing at a reaction video








Not only do reaction videos peek my interest, they also have me wanting to watch more. The content creators do a fantastic job in peeking my interest because of the way they react, no matter if it’s exaggerated or not. Bringing more comedy in a video is something that makes me thrilled to watch another video and it’s something that can be laughed about with friends or family.

How I act when there's more reaction videos
How I act when there’s more reaction videos

Like previously stated, I also like watching gameplay videos. Meaning I like watching people play various of games. I would rather see someone else’s way of playing a game rather than playing a game myself. There are times when I decide that I would like to play a game myself, but most of the times I enjoy watching others play the games. I have watched reaction videos to the recent reveal of Spider-Man 2 & Wolverine video games being made by the same developers who made the first two Spider-Man games and seeing the reactions of the content creators to the end trailer of Spider-Man 2 had me like…

Me and Reactors reacting to the ending of the video game trailer for SpiderMan-2
Me and Reactors reacting to the ending of the video game trailer for SpiderMan-2

This is the video that had me and content creators shocked and surprised by the Spider-Man 2 trailer. I enjoyed many of their reactions and it created more of an excitement for the game that wasn’t as prevalent as it now.