Assignment #8 – Domain and Registration

Domain and Registration

Deciding on a Domain Name/Signing Up

It was a bit challenging to decide on what to name my website but ultimately I settled on the first choice on my list, I really do like the idea of a sort of social hub for aspiring new programmers so the name felt pretty fitting overall. The process of signing up was pretty easy and very straightforward. This is especially the case when my domain name was cleared for eligibility on the first try. Now, comes the challenging portion of this assignment; actually formatting my website. I have an idea of how I want the end result to look, the only issue is really figuring out how to go about doing so. The upside of wordpress is that they offer a bunch of editing tools to your disposal but what comes with that is the learning curve of how to use said tools. It’s gonna take some tinkering but I’ll definitely figure it out. I mean, I kind of have to quickly now that the end of the semester is catching up.


I did remember to take my step by step screenshots to show how my sign-up process went. However..

I took these screenshots on my desktop monitor which seems to have a resolution that is incompatible with the cuny commons. Whenever I try to upload them I just keep receiving an error in which I normally don’t receive whenever I take screenshots on my laptop. You can find the oddest of errors when it comes to tech.