Assignment 8- Domain names

I’m going, to be honest when I thought of domain names only a few came to mind since I didn’t think much of them for I knew they would be there and not be used.

the first names that came to mind were def not the names I was born with but ones I use and identify with for sometimes I hate my name.

  1. Nixckwoelf
  2. The Nixck Woelf den
  4. or The Royal Empire

the royal empire name  I got the idea from a picture edit I did  a year ago: #theroayalempire

and the ones with the name nixck woelf in it I got the idea for that’s me and I have my logo for there are different versions of me and everyone has that one side you show to ya family and one you show to your friends or your love. nixck woelf is me.

Official nixckwoelf logo

so on my site, I know exactly what I wanted and wanted to share this with my friends so that they can make their websites too but on my site, I wanna share pics of me as nixckwolef all the edits  I did and fan art of nixckwolef that drew tell who they are what they represent like its a whole fan page. in other words, it’s all about me.


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