Assignment #9: Customizing Progress

The Rock Comedy GIF by Baywatch Movie“It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour, put in the work put in the hours and take what’s ours” – The Rock

Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions. I’m three assignments behind feeling overwhelmed but I will put my best foot forward.

Picking out a Site Icon

I created three different icons for my website. I ended up picking the first one because the letters were big and bold enough to actually see on the tab. I had fun designing these icons to my liking. It makes my website feel more me.


I also created a logo. You can probably tell I love soft pink and that is the aesthetic I want for my website. I know a white background is best more accessible so I plan on adding touches of pink every where else.


As for my content my plan is to create a lifestyle type of blog. I will be posting about my plants and pets in my main blog. I also created a category for tiktoks, I want to share tiktoks I think most students will be able to relate to. Under my about I want to have little bio about myself and also link all my social medias.  I’m using the theme “Twenty-Twenty-One” on wordpress and I find it easy to use and navigate as a beginner.