Assignment #9: Domains and Names


After some thought, finding a domain for my site came very easily to me. At first, I wasn’t sure what cool blog name to make. I ran through some very corny contenders – like “bloggable” and “blognessmonster”. 

However, a lightbulb went off in my head with a very simple solution. When I first created my Instagram, I thought it would be a great handle in case I become famous or start influencing. It’s my first and middle name, it is easy to remember, and I think looks pretty.

Just, very simple to the point! And since my parents gave me such a unique name combination, it was available!

This is not a plug to follow my Instagram, but look out for my blog when it is complete. The process of setting everything up was very simple. Getting a walk-through from the professor on using the domain site, was extremely helpful. I am so excited to have made a website, that’s so cool!

For now, this is what my blog looks like, but I have big dreams for what it could be!