CT101 So Far, SO GOOD!

Lets address the first day of CT 101…

Actually I was sold on this class from the moment Professor Seslow said we’d be online the entire semester.

So far this class is unlike many in my 8 off and on years of college. It’s engaging, interesting, and informative. I have really enjoyed learning about the content as the days went on…

Lets go ! Saitama

As a 30 year old who’s always late to social media memes and platforms I feel like this class is finally catching me up to my younger siblings who were born into this social media and internet tech generation! My other classes lack the freedom to express and enjoy the “work” we do outside the classroom.

Finding innovative ways to share and balancing the “right” images or links with the almost infinite choices — is more enjoyable than work… for once. To be honest I was not a fan! Pictures and images from culture, get a life. But having delved in GIFs and Posts are nothing like I imagined…


…it’s another language that any one can become fluent in. That is also absolutely individual. The potential for this class is actually endless because there is never going to be an end to clips, images, or events to comment or share from. I’m glad I signed up to get this ball rolling.

Personally, I wanted to join this class to add to my resume. Who doesn’t want to get more bread (money)?

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But beyond the syllabus and my growing journalism resume — I can use this class’ information in my everyday (or social) life. I’m grateful for the lessons thus far and excited to continue learning with you all!

Assignment #1 – What makes me happy on the Internet?

The last couple years the COVID pandemic sent millions of New Yorkers into “lock down” mode — ordering in, logging on, and downloading daily. It is so hard to narrow down finding internet joy to a single page or post, but I think I found a word best fitting: Connecting.


Image from Disney’s The Lion King

Like me, most are no longer able to connect with friends at the movies, park, or even stopping by in person to dine & dash (my favorite) — my new top three ways to connect are: YouTube, Twitch, and Discord.

  1. YouTube: If you haven’t visited, or are a latecomer (like myself), you can find just about anything on YouTube. I enjoy learning from nature documentaries, hearing new music, and dying laughing to hilarious clips.

I connected to a clip I found of my little brother’s college beer pong dunk (it made the news).

2. Twitch: Twitch is an online platform that used to simply allow gamers to connect to professionals. But like us it is still evolving…

A Fortnite player streaming

…now Twitch includes live concerts, ASMR (if you’re into that sort of thing — no judgement), and sponsored Esport tournaments. But don’t worry it still has the toxic “try-hard” “OP” “broken” gaming content if you want. As it is “Subtember” please check out a few streamers/gamers I follow: Work2Game, Tyler1, Swagg, and SSSniperWolf (who is now a 30M followed youtuber).

3. Discord: Last but not least is Discord, a messaging and digital distribution platform. A friend told me about discord back in HS when we couldn’t afford our own cellphones (that hasn’t changed much — thanks AT&T). Now, I use discord to connect to family, classmates, and radio co-hosts & guests for shows. I trust this platform because of the encryption coding (similar to Whatsapp) that allows privacy as you video or voice chat.

Discord constantly updates the channels you can join or create with innovative tech, emotes, and visuals…a far cry from trying to connect back in the day. You can download for free here (no, this isn’t a virus: just a link to their page).

Thank you for checking out this post, here is a final youtube clip I hope you enjoyed! 🙂