Assignment# 5 Part 2 Reflection on Internet Boy

After viewing this video about Aaron Swartz who this documentry is based on it really made me think and realize that throughout life you will be told to do something from anyone . However you will always question it because everyone doesn’t like being told what to do. Based on the way how Swartz portryed himself through his facial expressions and his voice tone you can really see that he has the spirit that he wont back down from anything such as a challenge as is shown when he was a child he wouldn’t back down from a challenge

Assigment #5 Part 1

As Discussed in class we are to chose and create a domain name that suits us for our own personal website. THe Domain I have chosen to use for my website is onebadr34.

And the reason why i have chosen this name is due to my passion and love for cars. As a kid growing i always had a passion for buliding and working on cars. Also my passion for the Fast and Furious Movies as well had a lot due to with my domain chosing because of myself wanting to own the Nissan GTR R34 Skyline which is a monster of a car. To create this website we will be using a site called Reclaim Hosting which will also be my first using it as well can’t wait!

Assignment #4 Ds106

For the two projects we had to choose from the DS106, I decided to pick the  Favorite Movie quote assignment Favorite Movie Quote as the project I would complete, and the  Create A License plate assignment Design A License Plate as a second project.

The movie I chose is Toy Story 2 and how i created this by using Imgur due to the fact that it had this image that was from the scene where my favorite quote was.

The second project i chose was to create a personal license plate and the site i used for it is Build a Sign

Assignment #3 Are Internet Memes ART?

I do believe that Internet Memes are Art because they are special in their own unqiue way.  I think can be use for many diffrent ways such as expressing a feeling or even a mood.

I think it can also be a way to crack a joke, speaking from personal experience. I know that Art has its own way of speaking to an indiviual in its own way . Therefore I do consider it due to the fact that it can be whatever you want it to be and you won’t be judge for it


Assignment # 1 Internet Happiness

One thing that makes me happy is cars. To be specific i love woking on em from doing a regular maintence change to hooking up the car with a crazy exhaust system or even doing a sick custom music build




Outside of school beside on doing my assigments for all my classes and doing my hw and prepping for quizzes and tests. I’ll always be working on my car to the point where my parents think I have an addiction because for any reason i find an excuse to go do something to car from washing it to putting on a sick decal to make it look cool