Creative Immediacy

Intuition + Creativity + Immediacy

I think there are two different ways that these concepts can be ordered. Simply put:

Creativity -> Intuition -> Immediacy

You get an idea and without having thought too much about it you still sort of understand its potential so you act on the idea right away.

Intuition -> Creativity -> Immediacy

You have an understanding of what something could potentially become so you then use your creativity to bring it to life in that very moment.

The first half of this assignment was all about being introspective, which is an interesting concept…until it’s happening and it becomes more intimidating, less interesting.

What does being alive mean to you? Have you ever defined it beyond someone else’s interpretation?

CARPE DIEM! To be alive to me means being present and fully aware; understanding that every moment is a chance to find joy in whatever you’re doing. I don’t think my interpretation has ever been solely defined by anyone else but I do acknowledge that it has been influenced by others.

At first I found it extremely difficult to come up with answers for certain questions so I skipped them. However, I noticed that in talking about the process of creating the web pages, I was actually able to indirectly answer most of them.


Working with was mostly trial and a lot of error, for the first page especially. I thought it was going well until I saw there was a 10 image upload limit and I had already used all ten and deleted nine of them, leaving me with one image (that I found on and edited on on my page to work with. I had to resort to using gifs, stickers and quotes to compensate for my lack of visuals.

1st Page

In the process of trying to figure out the platform I forgot to take screenshots to track my progress. Even though the process didn’t go as planned, I was able to stick to my original idea, which was having the theme of the page be critical thinking because it was a recurring topic for me the entire week.

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The quotes I used came from google searches and remembering stuff from movies and an article I read for an English course last year. Given that it was about critical thinking and the idea of being able to think on your own, it was only right to include the statue The Thinker in there somehow. Even though it was the trial run, I like this one a lot better.

2nd Page

The second page I completed was much harder than I thought. Although I had better knowledge of the platform and how it works, I found it harder to visually come up with an idea. In hindsight, I realized that I went into it focused on the limited amount of images I could use and how I should use them wisely, which caused me to second guess myself a lot during the process. 

My idea for this page, which I didn’t go through with, was the topic of duality (something I’m very passionate about). I didn’t feel like what I envisioned was what I was creating and especially for it being a subject I love discussing, I wanted the page to be something that I could wholly appreciate in the end.

What I eventually settled on was just creating how I was feeling while trying to figure it out, which I guess was the whole point of the assignment anyways, being able to take a step back and “Ask yourself: “What is the creative potential of my awareness of this moment? What would you like to express about this moment and the awareness of it?”

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3 thoughts on “Creative Immediacy”

  1. Hello Tiandra, Nice to meet you, this post and your assignment were very interesting to read upon I liked the content that you added to your webpage and it looks great, it’s really fascinating to see the creativeness being displayed in your content, I liked how you mentioned the “Thinker” and you created a link to go through it which shows the imagination and the ability to work with URLs and images.
    Great Work!

    1. Hi Zia, I’m happy that you liked the content! I included the hyperlink to the Thinker just in case there was someone that didn’t know what I was referencing. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it!

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