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Thanks to CT 101 I can do much stuff, I am thankful for the class to be free and stress relieve. Is my first time having a class like this, so I have abuse that freedom from the class; I believe that I am maintaining a B-, I did all the assignments, but they were not on time; I took a while for those post. I think that punctuality plays a role in grades, and because I was late for almost everything,, a B will be good; but that still is greedy.

I have about the websites, I still get confused with all the design of it, but I am trying to make it look nice. For my website, I still do not know what I would like to focus on, I do not have something that I do every day that I would like to share. I like art, but I do not do it every day; I do not have something that passionates me, which makes me excited. And like to be like that, to be passionate is tiresome. So, that is why I do not know what kind of website I want. But I did my first sketch on a computer, so I think sharing that, for now, is good.

Things that i know are about the website, I never had the need to create a page on the internet and i did not know that to keep a page you need to pay i thought it was free. and now i think that to know about websites can be useful if you are in design.

about the website i am not confident engougth to make sure that i would expand it. but i am grateful with what i know now. And i am going to miss this class, hopefully more people take this class because it helps to be in classes were your feelings as student are not being ignore.


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  1. Thanks so much, Paula!
    Good work this semester!
    Thank you for completing our course! It was a fun and creative semester!
    Have a great summer!
    Thank You!

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