DS106 Assignment

This assignment first caught my eye because it is one that I have the skill to complete. It resembles one of the previous assignments for this class; Assignment 2: Gif reaction post, where we had to make a Gif reaction to how we feel about the class.

This is the second assignment that caught my eye. I’ve always wanted to learn how to edit pictures, well to be more specific, I’ve always wanted to become skilled in Photoshop. I found this assignment to be a bit challenging to complete. Nonetheless I did complete it, Yay!

First I went looking for my main picture, the back ground picture. I found this nice winter picture on Unsplash and then uploaded it onto Photopea.

“Snow covered pine trees near frozen lake” By: Daniele Franchi

After setting the scale of my picture so that it completly covers my work area I then set out to look for my “popstar”.

I then decided that I really don’t want a popstar. I thought that the use of a cartoon character would be much more amusing especially since there is a human in the picture that I choose.

After  brief brief contemplation, I decided that I would use a cartoon character that can be seen sunbathing as that would be the opposite of the wintery background.

Sunbathing cartoon character

I then uploaded my second picture onto Photopea and unfortunately it did not have a transparent background so I had to do some work. I must say that even thought I followed the steps that Professor Seslow showed in the recorded video it was still a bit challenging because I’m not versed in Photoshop.

combination photo: Winter photo and Sunbathing cartoon character photo

After a bit of a struggle I was finally able to remove the white background from the second picture and was successfully able to complete the assignment as can be seen below.

My finished assignment

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