DS106 Exploring

My PostThe first assignment I will attempt to do is called “Places Of Peace” from the DS 106 website. Click Here for a deeper look into the assignment, also on the bottom there’s an image of how the assignment looks.

I used this to place my images into a collage , Heres what I got

The collage illustrate four images that brings me peace, The one on the top left hand corner is my boyfriend. He is literally my peace , he knows to how to calm me down when I am mad or comfort me when I am sad and he’s always there no matter what. On the right hand corner is money, making money is what brings me peace and prosperity and keeps me from being depressed. The image on the bottom left hand corner is food, something about food just makes me feel so peaceful and calm. Especially that first bite of food when it taste so delicious, it just an unforgettable feeling. last but not least is Islam, the word islam already signifies and aims for a peaceful society and I just feel so pure and connected with Allah.

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