DS106 Fashionista

For my second project, I decided to work on the Fashionista assignment. I chose to do this assignment because I wanted to learn more about clothing design for characters. Coincidentally, around the time we were introduced the DS106 is when Inktober started.

Inktober, occurring every October, is a time period where artists around the globe pledge to draw and ink their artworks everyday for the entire month of October. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stick to my pledge because I get so caught up in schoolwork, but thankfully, because CT101 is so flexible, I was able to include another addition into my collection of Inktober drawings. In the image below, you can see my Instagram post showing a sketch of a woman wearing a party dress.

Overall, this assignment was really fun and I recommend others to try it out! It’s not everyday you feel like a fashion designer.