Is Love Really Blind ?

Recently I have been binge watching the show “Love is Blind.” The show is a social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, without ever meeting in person. The couples talk through a wall and are not allowed to see each other or describe themselves. Once the man or woman feels as if they’re ready, he/she will then propose and finally see his or her fiancé face to face. Each season premieres episodes on Netflix over the course of 3 or 4 weeks and then followed by a reunion special.

I find myself constantly watching TikToks and Instagram videos of fans reacting to the shows. I find it entertaining when people/fans imitate the cast members and their decisions. People will also mock cast members, investigate cast members lives to see what they are up to. As crazy and intense as it sounds, it’s pretty entertaining to see someone’s dramatic love life; and if you know me, you know I live for the drama.

Above you can see moments before Shaina says, “I do.”
Shaina mentioned on interviews that she felt pressured to accept the proposal, due to the fact that he mentioned the ring was his mother’s. In doing so, she got so much backlash from fans, and I’m here for it! She was one of the most hated cast members for her problematic tendencies, and unwillingness to take accountability for her actions.

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