Make a Magazine and Gif

1. I chose to remake a magazine cover: This is the link to the assignment.  This is a magazine I  created out of obsession of the popular tv series “Charmed.” Me and my sisters would often imagine what it would be like if they made a similar show with a black cast. I  created this using and I  also made the animation.
2. I chose to make a gif from my best/ favorite sport this year. This is the link to the assignment.  
Track and Field is my favorite sport. Ok, yes I  am Jamaican. This features Shelly- Ann Fraser-Pryce. Multiple World and Olympic Champion and the worlds most decorated sprinter of all time.

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    1. I was thinking of making some, but I still think gifs are not fully functional accross all platforms, especially instagram. They just started rolling out the feature to “reply, or comment” gifs.

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