Meme could be art

From what i have found about memes, it is notably very mixed on whether memes should be considered art. Although many articles provide good points on why memes could be art, i can only agree to an extent. i also feel that the articles i did find are dedicated more to an audience that doesn’t know what memes are.
Memes are definitely not leaving for a long time. no matter how many people would want to even get rid of memes, they are staying. i wouldn’t say they are directly impacting art in any way . i understand that there’s disputes for including memes in art galleries but it isn’t directly impacting any definition of art or how art in general is perceived. what i do think is that memes are an amazing form of communication. this is because sometimes your too lazy to type a whole sentence to explain your thoughts when instead you can send a funny meme. this can be seen as insensitive but i feel that it can only be done if both people have similar senses of humor and its appropriate to the time. i feel like that’s the extent of memes. some memes could definitely have deeper meaning behind them but i feel that most memes are made for laughs. but a lot of memes have history behind them based on the images they use and the eras they were created.
Memes can definitely be used in story telling. I believe most memes can be put next to each other and make a coherent storyline. Even if the images i am about to show aren’t your cut and paste memes with the top and bottom text. these memes portray a storyline of love and betrayal. with text or not, it becomes apparent on what is being told. ( i recommend reading it left to right)
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Memes are imbedded in my life almost indefinitely. this is because alot of my speech or lingo comes from memes. so does alot of my humor. With memes, finding an image that express the emotion i want to convey and being able to put flavor text of what i believe people could relate to is a good way to incorporate storytelling with memes in my life.
Some memes i created 🙂

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  1. All three of those memes you created are so accurate! Only 5 weeks in and I’m still not used to the feeling of no deadlines. I always find myself running to get to CT101 on time even though it’s okay if I arrive a
    couple minutes late.

  2. Great work, nice take on this!
    I love the hyperlinked content!
    it is super helpful!
    Thank you for sharing your personal connection to memes as well and how it plays a role in communication for you!
    Your meme creations for CT101 are so good!
    The last one about the monitors, is so LOL, and so so true!
    Great work!

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