Memes are in fact art

Memes are definitely is a form of art. People can express themselves by using memes. The use of memes in text message convos or comments on social media platforms gives the reader clarity on how a person is reacting or how they feel towards something. Sometimes it is much easier to simply insert a meme instead of trying to explain something in detail. Memes can also save time and they’re more entertaining than reading a paragraph.

Example: My first day of CT101 went better than I expected

My example explained with Spongebob memes:

At first, I was a bit nervous. I’m always anxious at the beginning of each semester.

Nervous Meme GIFs | Tenor

Then I was loosened up and felt a sense of relief when professor Seslow introduced himself and explained to us what we’ll be doing in CT101


Thankful GIF - Spongebob Class Excited - Discover & Share GIFs

here are some of my favorite memes of all time. I’ve probably had some of these memes saved in my camera roll since I was in high school or my freshman yr of college.

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