More than a passion… call it obsession.

I LOVE cars with a passion. actually didn’t even know I was as passionate about cars until I decided to buy my first BMW. An automatic, base model  BMW 525xi.

Before that I use to impress my mother with naming any and every car that I would see on the road when I was young. For some reason, cars always enticed me. I loved admiring the designs, the sounds, and different things people did to make the car look more appealing to them. After my second BMW, I had to get another one. I was HOOKED!

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So I sold that BMW above and planned to get something a lot newer… that required me to save as much money as possible to get ahead of paying for a car note. I went 10 months without a car just to do so. I car pulled with friends and family and also took public transportation to and from work just for my dream to come true. The day came and I couldn’t believe it; I owned the car that I dreamt of owning for months.

A BMW 340i with a 6 liter engine pushing over 300 horsepower and torque, equipped with a MANUAL transmission.

The reason MANUAL is capitalized is because it’s the number one reason I bought the car. I had little to no experience of working on cars but at the time I got this car, the internet was flooded with tutorials on how to “do it yourself”. In the car enthusiast world, there’s something people like to refer to as “the bug”. People who first start modifying their cars don’t stop and I experienced this first hand. I changed many, many parts on my bimmer. So much that I considered enrolling into school to become an Automotive Mechanic (not kidding).

I changed the exhaust. This took all day to do and carried over into the next day.
Coils, spark plugs, brakes, you name it!
This looks really graphic but it’s not as bad as you think. I had to take off the bumper to remove the headlights in order to paint the housing inside of the headlights, black for a blacked out look.
I changed almost everything on this car from cosmetic to performance. I have a folder of about 900 pictures and videos which would bore you to death so instead of uploading all of them. I’ll just sum up what the car looked like when I was near finished modifying it.
Can’t show the front without showing the back.
I am now building a very old BMW. A 1990 BMW E30. A classic.
If you asked me which one I like building the most, I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I am nowhere near finished building this E30!!

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