Music makes me happy this week :)


One thing that makes me really happy this week is music. I used to dance when i was younger so music has always been the key to happiness for me. Recently I’ve been listening to new music / genres of music more than what I was used to. That being said, i feel like music has just been hitting different since i’ve been discovering new music. Thanks to  Spotify ; where I get to listen to all my music :)).


My favorite song at the moment would have to be Cinderella by Mac Miller Ft. Ty Dolla Sign. I’ll post the song below


I would say this is my favorite song because of the way it was just produced and how everything just comes together so well. I feel like some people don’t  really like long songs (this song is 8 minutes by the way) but I feel like this is a huge exception LOL.  I love how Ty Dolla Sign just fits the song perfectly too.

My favorite artist to listen to this past week would have to be…


Kanye was the first artist to really show me there was more to what i was used to in the past. His recent album Donda is what really got me into Kanye and other hip-hop/rap artists. I love his style and really love to just sit and blast his music and just appreciate it.


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