Picking a Domain Name

For my domain name, I wanted to pick a broad name. I was not sure about what I was going to post on my website so I did not want my domain name subjected to one specific thing. First, I created a list of names and chose the one I thought sounded the broadest.

The list included:

  • ymaculatecreatvity.com
  • ymaculatecreations.com
  • macscreations.com
  • theemac.com
  • ympcreations.com
  • thevisionary.com

I decided to make my domain name visionarymac.com. I decided to go with this name because consider myself a visionary person. Although my domain name is not specific to one thing you can still get a sense of what to expect on the site which is showcasing my creativity. I also wanted my domain name to include either my name or one of my knick names. I would like to showcase some of the work I’ve done so far in CT.