It’s safe to say technology has improved people’s lives to the point that we now depend on it. Technology has been embedded in our everyday lives. We use it for safety measures, for cooking, for preserving, in healthcare, in researching, transportation, communication, etc. So why can’t it also be the way in which we express modern art?



In my opinion, memes are a great way to visually communicate with others. Memes can help you with storytelling. You can choose from a variety to help you explain the feeling you’re trying to convey. In traditional writing you would have to use at least three senses to describe something in depth. However, with today’s generation, people tend to take short cuts. The saying,“One picture is worth a thousand words” was made for modern society.


Other than self-expression I do think memes help us remember certain events. What are memes? Essentially, memes are images and videos that are taken with text added (usually humorous). Some events that are used in memes more memorable than others which are marked in meme history and reused for social amusement.

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