The Versatile Genre of Vapor wave

Being introduced to vaporwave at an early stage of it’s progression I am very happy to see how much the genre and aesthetic has evolved to today. I believe vaporwave represents our attraction to tranquility, bliss, and smooth, moody, intriguing aura. Vaporwave embodies all of these adjectives through classical sculpture, web design, surrealism, low-poly computer renderings, glitch art, VHS recordings, cassette tapes, Japanese art and cyberpunk tropes.



Vaporwave has become such a rigidly defined genre that it can be relicated in many different ways and translated for different purposes. The genre of “vapor wave” can be applied to almost everything and allows for many redefinition throughout the rest of it’s existence. I expect the genre to undergo many more changes as our values, society, and beliefs shift over time.

Vapor wave is defined as a microgenre of electronic music, a visual art style, and an internet meme. Clearly it is a very dynamic genre. I can appreciate the nostalgia vapor wave evokes because a lot of 80’s and 90’s influence is applied to the genre. KIDMOGRAPH and other motion graphics artists use these representations of nostalgia in creating very creative pieces of art.


Here is an image I created using the aspects of Vapor wave. I created this vapor wave image specifically for our CT101 class using 13 layers of different PNG images and FX editors. Adding glow, chroma blur, and high contrast are very helpful when attempting to achieve the signature “vapor wave” aesthetic. I really enjoyed creating it and adding my own spin to each element I added to the image. Vapor wave is a genre I can see existing for a long time, it is a very interesting aesthetic to follow and the creative minds behind it always manage to reiterate it’s best qualities in a new way.