Week #10

Outside of social media, I didn’t really think it was accessible to create a digital identity. In fact, I thought the way most people created their digital identity was through social media!

Not only did I learn what a domain is and its purpose,  I learned how to use this to create a website.  I thought this was something only coders knew. One of my biggest takeaways is how simple the process is. I can definitely say it has made writing an easier process for me. It definitely has allowed me to be more creative because I was blogging and personalizing my posts. I was also more reflective because I don’t usually “journal” like this for the rest of my classes. In terms of my strengths and weakness, I’d say I’ve become a better writer, but I feel like I need to catch up with my blog and use it to do more good. Sometimes, I tend to take a break from social media and just being on my phone; however, I want to be consistent with my blog and continue to talk about things that matter in the world. Because we had to create a series of blogs which is kind of like journaling to me, I was able to write in my own voice, be creative with it (something I can’t or just don’t usually do on social media) that is clear to my viewers. I understand how you can’t communicate the same way to different audiences (especially because of the difference in culture). I decided to call my domain name this:

THE Blog 💅 – Author: Fatoumata Minaj (fatoumatakoureichi.com)

I think I’ve earned a B in the class so far, and I will continue to put more effort into my blog. Moving forward, I want to use this site to talk about my life and bring awareness to the things going on in my community. Besides just sharing things about BLM on social media, I can now write about it and share resources with other people so they can get involved as well.