week 11 post

I picked a name, now its time to design the website!

I decided to challenge my self and try a theme other than the ones that was suggested. Not going to lie, I now understand why ryan suggested the other ones because it is kind of challenging and complex, but if it becomes a real challenge i will change it but for now i wanted something more appealing to the eye.  I decided to go with the Inspiro theme because I really liked the layout of it.

After that I went on a hunt for a logo. In another course that I take with professor Ryan, we were introduced to DALL-E  which is a AI that generates digital images from prompts written by users. Since I am making this website to “sell handmade and custom rugs” I wanted the logo to have yarn incorporated so I used the ai help (lol) To be honest, I don’t like the images that were generated so the one I choose will have to do for now. These are some of the ones I picked out (again not a big fan though)
Then I just had to go on photoshop to make the logo transparent to the hero and header page of the website.

After I edited sub-title and tagline that suits what my website is about and went to google fonts to choose a font that I liked.  I ended up going with Unna.


I changed the default hero to again something i generated from dall-e. This is the image.
(this made me regret not naming the website headofrugs haha)
This is the final product thus far, I left the original header settings because i liked the layout.
Most definitely changing the logo and the fonts. But as of right now, here a lil rough draft 🙂 .

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