Weeks #5 & #6 – Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

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Weeks #5 & #6- Assignment #4 – Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

There is A LOT of CT101 Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility..

**This assignment has been extended for 2 weeks through weeks #5 & #6

**the video recordings & tutorials from class on 10/18 & 10/11 can be found below – Please review it for examples and context for assignment #4:


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Professor Michael Smith introduced me to the DS106 Assignment Repository many many years ago..

I am glad that he did! 

Now that we are getting comfortable with publishing blog posts to our class website, embedding media like images, GIFS, videos and hyperlinks, it’s time to push things further with content creation and deciding on how you will go about it.

Prof. Smith wrote the following in a blog post from a previous semester;

“In CT-101 you will have the opportunity to create many, many different pieces of media throughout the semester. Inspiration for these projects can come from a number of places. Two great websites that inspired this class and are hosted by a digital storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington.

One, is their ds106 assignment repository which has project prompts that are categorized by a variety of media types (visual, design, audio, video, mashup, writing, fanfic, and animated gifs). Visitors can browse through and sort by most examples completed, most viewed, newest, and more.. 

The second, is also a site known as the daily create which gives a daily project prompt to “make something” using various types of media.

Finally, you, yourself can also find a particular website that has a media piece and/or project type of interest to you (Tumblr and/or Reddit can be fun for this – Photoshop Battles is a favorite of mine.

Do you know of one? If so, share that link here!

*The ASSIGNMENT – (assignment #4)

In a New Blog Post this Week – Let us address and execute the following:

Browse through the mentioned websites above (ds106 & daily create) and find two projects that you think you would like to do. One that you believe you already have the skills to do – or you believe you could figure out on your own. And another (hopefully of a different media type) you don’t know how to do yet and would like to learn. Working from the DS106 site, the Daily Create site or otherness – select, describe and hyperlink to two assignments/project ideas and tell us why you’ve chosen them. What do you think you’d need learn to do them? How many of these kinds of projects do you think you should be doing in this semester so that you might learn and build both emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create them? Why do you think these skills are or are not important? Be sure to narrate your steps and support your descriptions with screen shots of the process. Be sure to actually complete one of the assignments and add it into your blog post.

***Also, be sure to leave a comment or two on one or more of your classmate’s blog posts! Prof. Seslow will go over an example in our class time and screen record the process.

**the video recording & tutorial from class on 10/11 or can be found below – Please review it for examples and context for assignment #4:


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