Welcome to CT101 – Digital Storytelling! Fall 2022

Welcome Everyone!

Here we are: CT101 – Digital Storytelling!

The Fall Semester of 2022!

Ok, this blog post is a lot things, but first and foremost it’s a welcoming! Im excited to meet everyone and share our 1st class session to connect and learn about each other. Below, that’s Nyle DiMarco, he’s a Deaf Actor and Artist, he is showing us how to say: “Nice to Meet You” in American Sign Language. I’m also Deaf and Hard of Hearing, so you can expect to learn some ASL and see more ASL GIFs this semester! I hope that you like animated GIFS, we are going use a lot of them here, and make them too!

We are going to spend a lot of time discussing ways that we communicate.

an animated GIF of Nyle DiMarco signing "Nice to Meet You" in American Sign Language

There is a lot of compelling content to cover this semester in CT101, which will happen in many fun ways!

**This is the direct URL / Link to our class Website – https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ <—that link is where EVERYTHING is happening for CT101.

I’m not a fan of blackboard (who is?? Its outdated and clunky..) and I will only use it to remind the class about password sensitive things or send a class e-mail.

Please make sure you are familiar with the CUNY academic calendar for the semester as we will follow that..

kermit the frog rigorously typing - animated GIF

The CT101 Class Modality / Structure – CT101 will be taught synchronously in person this semester on campus here in the lab on the 4th floor in room 4m03 (academic core building) – we will also have course work that will be assigned and completed outside of class.

Please know, I am always here to help you be the best that you can be in our course. And we are all here to do the same for each other. Our class is a community! A big part of our class is exploring your creativity and being experimental with the Internet! Plus, we will learn about the evolving array of digital tools that are available to us. We do quite a bit of the creative work from our own personal work spaces as we integrate the class work into our lives.

Please know, I will always screen-record each and every assignment’s description, how-to’s and tutorials and share those videos here on our website. Please think of this website as a repository of information, energy and inspiration for the course (and beyond!)

*The Class Website – Our class website takes place on the CUNY Academic Commons! You will soon discover that the Commons is a huge resource and regular source of inspiration and community! Im excited to share this with you all.

**This Week’s Assignment is Below**

Lets leave our first Comment!

In the comments section below (if you scroll down to the bottom of this page) Add a comment, Your comment will serve as your attendance today, but please introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about yourself, What is your name? What you are studying here at York College?  What is your favorite movie, activities, ice cream flavor? Favorite place or apps to visit on the web? What are you most interested in at this moment? Etc..) Feel free to add some links! Lets get to know each other. Also – Reply to someone’s comment, say hello and share some interests. Commenting and activity on the website is big part of our class!

**PS -I moderate all the comments to make sure that spam bots don’t spam us into oblivion! If may take a few minutes before your comment shows up, no need to submit it twice if you don’t see it appear right away ** Also, please explore this website, read through the syllabus and some of the course resources, it will be super helpful in the next coming weeks.


38 thoughts on “Welcome to CT101 – Digital Storytelling! Fall 2022”

  1. Hi I’m Tiffany hosein . I’m studying theater arts at york college. I do work study at york college and work at bath and body works. I’m most interested at the moment at helping at the IT desk in the welcome center at my federal work study job. If you haven’t activated your accounts (email or network account) stop by the welcome center so I can help you all. By the way, my two favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla or mint chip. My favorite dogs are Great Danes . Nice to officially meet all of you!

    1. Hi Tiffany I am also taking a theater arts class for the credit. I would like to thank you again for helping me with my IT problems earlier to today and I think mint ice cream is terrible haha, but I can eat vanilla from time to time. My favorite dogs are pitbulls and bulldogs. Nice to meet you as well.

  2. Hello, my name is Tysean Johnson, I am studying accounting. Some of my favorite movies are The Godfather, the conjuring, and Spiderman No Way Home. I love to laugh, and play video games. My favorite ice cream is cake batter, or Oreo. My favorite website is espn because I use that to bet on sports which I love football, I like baseball and basketball all New York teams. Giants, jets, buffalo bills, mets, yankees, Knicks are the teams I root for every year.

    1. Hi Tysean, I also love “The Godfather” movies and my favorite tv show is The Sopranos which is like the best show in history ever made and it is tv shows at its finest. I am a big Italian film lover and have so much respect for the actors and the culture as well.

  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Angelica Cotto and I am a Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) major with a minor in Film Studies. I am intended to graduate at the end of the Spring 2023 semester. I am currently working as a substitute paraprofessional. My favorite movie would have to be either the entire scream franchise or the entire harry potter franchise. I enjoy editing and creating videos as well as anything done with the arts. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough. My two favorite apps to visit on the web are both youtube and Instagram. I am most interested in developing my skills to become a movie director and producer in the future.

  4. Hello Everyone! My name is Di’Avionne Chamblee and I am a Communication’s Technology major. I am an upper sophomore/lower class junior confusing I know, but it’s cause I’m a transfer student. My favorite movie is probably Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. My favorite activities would be playing video games with my friends, family, and partner. However, I don’t eat ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant so I prefer red velvet cake if I treat myself to something sweet. My favorite app right now would technically be Genshin Impact. I started playing it again over the summer and I have it on all platforms. But, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re willing to part with your money for a new favorite character that will only be around once a year if you’re lucky XD. Other than that I spend a lot of time on Youtube staying up to date on the latest tech as much as I can. I look forward to the semester with you all and hope that everyone is able to have a successful school year!

    1. Hi, Di’Avionne! I too like to play video games, but now I rarely have the time to play, my playstation is just collecting dust at this point c’: I never tried playing Genshin Impact but since it’s currently your favorite app, I’ll try it out when I can.

  5. Hi I’m Luis Hernandez . My major is studio art here in YORK college. My favorite movie is Tenet and my favorite activity is exploring and experimenting on Adobe after effects. My favorite ice cream is chocolate. I would say that my favorite app to visit on the internet is YouTube because I love listening and watching live sets of my favorite DJs from huge concerts. I’m most interested in making my first edit on a tv character in after effects and making it my hobby after my first edit.

  6. Howdy! I’m Akkeem Polack. I’m from Jamaica (the country), and I lived in Jamaica, Queens, when I first moved to the United States. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life yet at York. I’m in my second semester and looking forward to figuring out my life soon. I’m not too fond of movies; however, I’m a fan of all of Shonda Rhime’s series except Grey’s Anatomy. I work in Marketing, but I love broadcasting, other forms of media such as projector software, and traveling. I love chocolate ice cream and cheesecake. If I’m on the web, I’m probably scrolling through CNN, Washington Post, Youtube, or TikTok. I recently did some certifications in the metaverse, so I am checking out more content on that. Check it out here (you probably won’t) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DEVfUk2zCk. I can’t think of anything else yet, but ask me for my Instagram so I can be surprised and share it with you.

  7. Hi! My name is Mundrhea (mun-drey-ya)! It is nice to meet all of you c: My major is psychology but next semester, I’m planning to apply to the Occupational Therapy program. Though, I’m planning to have a career that is no where near art, I try to keep my “creative juices” flowing, so I find new mediums to express myself. I like to paint and draw, currently I’m taking a photography class as well as this class to possibly take these skills as another art medium. I’d name my all time favorite ice cream flavor, but I’m such an indecisive person to pick just one :p I think my top three would be rocky road, cookie dough and java chip.

  8. Hello Everyone! My name is Franceluce (France-loose) and this is my last semester at York! Hallelujah!!! I’m looking forward to completing this semester and getting my Bachelors in Health Sciences then continuing my education in Nursing. My favorite Movie is Death at a Funeral. My favorite activities are singing and dancing. I’m also looking to learn the keyboard. My favorite ice cream flavor is Haggen-Daz Dulce de Leche flavor.

    1. Hi Franceluce, it’s so nice to know a bit about you and to know you like some singing!!! Same goes here, would love to hear you sing some time.

  9. Hello, I’m precious. I am a health science major concentrating in nursing. I graduate this December and plan to enroll in an accelerated nursing program after graduation. I like to sing and dance and eat food. I love trying new things. My favorite ice cream is bunny tracks. I love the color pink and chocolate. I am currently a CNA in a nursing home. I hope to learn more tech in this class. Thank you

  10. Hello Everyone,
    I am Michael Collado I am a senior in studio art. I have a lot of favorite movies, one of which is the recent Matt Reeves’ The Batman due to the storyline, cinematography, and color grading. I like to do digital art, read comics mainly spiderman, photograph, and play video games. I’m currently interested in cinematography and storytelling. I have a website dedicated to some artwork I’ve done during the summer.

  11. nt?

    Hi everyone! my name is deborah (or debbie). I’m a senior majoring in Communications technology . My favorite movie of all time would be Annie ( so much memories attached to it). I like to play video games and my favorite ice cream flavor would have to be cookies and cream. I am the most interested in CT honestly. I just recently changed my major and I’m already really excited to be learning about something I have an interest in.

  12. Hello, my name is Francesca and this is my 4th year at York. I recently solidified my major in CT and I am very excited for this semester. During my free time I really enjoy watching movies and starting TV shows.

  13. Hello, my name is Caytlin Napoleon (yes yes like the french invader)! I am not him, I am me! This is my fourth year at York and I major in music and minor in Psychology. It requires so much thought process in some classes, but this class seems like so much fun and I’m excited to join in! Some hobbies of mine would be singing, reading (such a bookworm of me) 🙂 . I live for binge watching an epic show if you ask me. They always draw me in. I can’t wait to get to know everyone. BTW, my fave ice cream is the “Tonight Dough” by Ben and Jerry’s!!!

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