#10 Copyright?

What is copyright?

Copyright is a law that protects any form of artistic work including literary, musical, sound recording, etc. from being reproduced without the permission of its original owner.

Why is there a copyright?

Copyright acts as a moral right towards an original work or artwork giving them exclusive rights; also to let people create many more expressive works that benefit society.

Larry Lessig’s TED talk:

In Larry Lessig’s TED talk, he wonderfully presents the ideas on how to bring about a balance between the copyright laws and the remix culture of the new generation. Copyright law is good to some extent, personally, I would not want someone else to take credit for my work. But there is always a line that needs to be drawn to what extent the law takes can act upon. There is nothing wrong with taking original content and using it to transform it into something amazing as long as they don’t just copy-paste the original work. The idea behind that sort of transformation and remixes is still something that needs to be appreciated. The digital world needs more of that sort of remix culture and not worry constantly about a law that you may break knowingly or unknowingly.