[5] M’s Three Ms

Hiya there lurkers its me again. If I had the time, patience or the means I’d probably make a audio theme song for these posts.

Using the mmm web browser page for me personally was difficult. Why? Cause my mind imploded with the amount of freedom I had! When I have too much creative freedom I kinda end up shutting down and not doing anything at all. (Its pretty bad I know) Its all just me overthinking is all.

However, I decided to just experiment with the tools as I tried to calm my brain down on what I wanted to do. The site is very easy to use and it was pretty fun messing with the shaped, stickers and colors.

After struggling, I just decided to post one of my comforts: puppies. It isn’t much, but I think puppies soothes the soul, and relieves all my tension. So I thought why not! I am totally sure that no one else thought to just post puppies. My page is simple but I think it looks nice.

I found this assignment interesting cause despite my stress and struggle to actually find a good way to make a page, I still ended up being creative and intuitive somehow. Even if it was out of desperation.


Fun fact: The dot over the letter I is called a title. Thats it.