[1] What I Enjoy on the Internet

What makes me happy on the internet?

The internet is a like a big playground that we all can explore in. Honestly I find my enjoyment on the internet just scrolling though video game subreddits and scrolling through artwork that people share on twitter and tumblr.

This week I found myself binging Uncle Roger videos on Youtube. Uncle Roger is a character by a Malaysian comedian named Nigel Ng. He makes reaction videos on people’s cooking and he really liked to grill Jamie Oliver (also known as Jamie Olive-oil) for his cooking as he doesn’t use native ingredients or cooks in a way that isn’t very acceptable to Uncle Roger.

[5] M’s Three Ms

Hiya there lurkers its me again. If I had the time, patience or the means I’d probably make a audio theme song for these posts.

Using the mmm web browser page for me personally was difficult. Why? Cause my mind imploded with the amount of freedom I had! When I have too much creative freedom I kinda end up shutting down and not doing anything at all. (Its pretty bad I know) Its all just me overthinking is all.

However, I decided to just experiment with the tools as I tried to calm my brain down on what I wanted to do. The site is very easy to use and it was pretty fun messing with the shaped, stickers and colors.

After struggling, I just decided to post one of my comforts: puppies. It isn’t much, but I think puppies soothes the soul, and relieves all my tension. So I thought why not! I am totally sure that no one else thought to just post puppies. My page is simple but I think it looks nice.

I found this assignment interesting cause despite my stress and struggle to actually find a good way to make a page, I still ended up being creative and intuitive somehow. Even if it was out of desperation.


Fun fact: The dot over the letter I is called a title. Thats it.

[3] Memes is Art

Hello there scrollers and lurkers, I am back again.

When I first read the question ‘Áre memes art?’ my immediate thought was duh! Of course, they are! Memes is a creative way to express emotion or send a message. But then again there are probably some art purists out there that will argue with me that memes isn’t actually art cause it isn’t done by a paintbrush or something. To me generally memes is just another artform that is very easy to create and use and share with others. It doesn’t require much to create a meme (unless you have like.. no internet somehow, I guess) and it can be done by anyone.

I personally don’t use memes much, but I like to look at them. I usually just use gifs to joke around or express how I am feeling. Most memes I use are small joke ones that I share with my friends or little posts I find online that are anime or gaming related. However, I do see some people do chain memes in forums or discord to have a conversation instead of actual words. They probably have a gallery full of memes just for that.

Memes can be used to tell a story. Depending on the format one image can be used to illustrate a scenario or what the person making the meme is trying to say.

Lastly, here’s a fun fact for you reader. Avocado is a fruit. Yep. Those gross green things is a fruit. People can put guac on nachos but have the audacity to cry about pineapples on pizza? The hypocrisy!

[Final] The End Of The Line

Here we are readers and lurkers, you read the title, you all know what we gotta do. It’s the last one. The final post. Time to lay it all out there.

CT 101 is a very enjoyable class when I have the time to work on assignments. I got to (re)learn how to hyperlink, make cohesive blog posts, and I got to incorporate different tools like make a meme and giphy into my posts. Honestly, Giphy and Tenor is built into most sites so I never actually went to the ACTUAL sites where I get my gifs from.. so that was cool.

Getting to design a small page on mmm was interesting to do despite my overwhelming insecurity and struggle to even put anything on the page. Maybe one day I can apply what I learned into a part of my business or whatever venture I work on in the future.

However there is setbacks, like me being unable to start my own website. Which I know is bad but I had no idea what I wanted to do, (perhaps eventually I’ll start one if the code doesn’t expire. If not I’d still want to do it and maybe edit a update or send a email.). This will definitely hurt my grade and I acknowledge that I probably will get (hopefully) a C-/D for this course. Its unfortunate but I deserve it for my negligence.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and reading everyone’s posts, and I thank the professor for sharing his knowledge and insight when it comes to digital storytelling. (Some of the stuff he does online also looks nice from what I glanced at). Despite my terrible procrastinating I do enjoy the work I am doing. And I think that the important thing.


One last fun fact cause I can: Art was an Olympic sport once upon a time. If it still was in 2022 I bet there would be nothing but Will Smith-Chris Rock slap memes.

[2] I’m Just Here.. Gif-ing.

Hi there lurkers, readers, peers, wanderers, the professor- bah I want be unique so I’ll address whoever see these as Reader or Wanderer- just to be different! I’ll probably forget to do that.. welp! 

What did you think on the first day of the CT101? Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

On the first day of CT101, I was a bit- or a lot.. nervous (as I am with the first day of any class honestly). While searching for a class to enroll into, I was told by a peer that this class make blog posts on a website and my immediate thought was “Cool! I do that often enough!” But then reality came crashing down on me and I realized that I may have quotas or word counts involved. (Hoo boy not the word counts!) But after a few minutes of listening to what the professor had to say I honestly thought “Wow this guy is pretty chill!” After taking creative writing last semester, I’m excited to be able to write freely and expressively, plus the addition of using gifs and other tools from the web like Giphy and Imgur is going to make posting very dynamic. So I think this class is going to be very fun!

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

Last semester I took ENG286 aka creative writing, so I feel like I’ll be able to have the same freedom to write how I feel for the most part hopefully. Compared to most classes that I have now– I am surprised this is a question because it is like night and day! I have more breathing room with the way I’d like to write and express how I feel. You can’t really do that with other classes right? Academic writing has to be formal.. and there’s word counts.. and it isn’t easy. This class has the advantage of being digital as well, so it feels like a whole different world compared to my other classes.

What are the potentials of this class? How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

I feel that this class has the potential to bring out the inner journalists in us- or the inner blogger that we may have inside- honestly I don’t know the word that can fit what I am trying to say. But I feel that this class can allow us to open our minds more to different possibilities. Being in school for so long I think over time we lose that sense of creativity- or maybe I am overthinking it and I am just crazy, or am I just projecting..? Nevermind. Besides that, I think learning new tools on the internet can also help us unlock a greater potential in this class. The internet is such an important resource in this day and age that I think it will help us all grow in the long run. Its fun and easy to use and can be applied in a lot of places.



Fun fact: I didn’t know gif meant Graphics Interchange Format until.. five minutes ago!. Thanks for reading, Readers!