The first project that I choose was Sound Effect Story 
I picked this one because I have experience with audio on a digital workstation and have experimented with creating sounds with synths that sound like real life sound like animals or sound effects. Mostly for this project I found samples of other sounds like sirens and glass breaking to gun shots and etc. While also adding in my own method of creating life like sounds. I was able to create a helicopter sound cutting thru the air as you would hear it from inside the building. This was the challenging part because taking music and making it into something else isn’t what you tend to see everyday.

Can you Guess what the story is about? (Lower Volume at first!!!)

I used the same program that I talked about in my previous assignment Called FL Studios. Adding a reverb and using filters helped me achieve these sounds while also playing with the sound and volume levels I found what works best in this situation.

And for the second Assignment I choose to do Breaking News
This was a good one because I want to practice recording my voice to nice levels and manipulating it to sound like different people so this was a nice challenge as well as an addition to my previous assignment where I made the audio of the story, but if you guess correctly you would know that this is the 2nd part to the story! Enjoy!

The most interesting part about this is that I was actually able to get AI Using CHATGPT to generate the WHOLE script FOR ME! I just added names location and setting and bam. Technology is really getting advanced, because damn, it sounds so good. 


1 thought on “#5 STORY TIME // TRIX 7 NEWS”

  1. Excellent work!
    Another fine example and execution derived from DS106!
    Thank you!
    Do you think you would like to experiment with more of this?
    And yes, Ai and technology is accelerating at light speed!

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