CT101 Final Blog Post / Jonathan Cadet

I Deserve whatever’s coming to me. At this point I know I passed but to what degree, heck I’ll say a B+ because I didn’t get to comment, but we are here now! This is it for me the last class of my college life and the last final of my classes that be. I need a break and a better job just because I want one. I’ve heard the future is going to be hard, but with a lot of perseverance and confidence, I will achieve my goals. I truly am blessed to have been a part of CT101. The future is moving digital and perhaps this class was meant for me to attend. It has become my first digital footprint and I will blaze a pixel trail with more things to come.

Things I learned in CT101

      • The creative and expressive use of GIFs and communication on a digital platform.
      • Utilizing technology, AI, and other online resources to my advantage
      • The importance of communication and actively engaging with others in a digital space
      • Creating a website
      • The importance of understanding the advancing technology of the future

Creating GIFs was probably not only mine and probably many other students favorite thing to do in here. I really enjoyed making the MMM page overall the most as it gave me my first trial and error to creating my own offical website (JAYSXEAST.COM)

I was able to add many different sources of media whether it’s embedded or hyperlinked to what I want easy access to for my visitors. I really wish I had more time to sit down and do things but even so, I never picked up the habit of working on things slowly, I’m still used to vomiting content when they are near the deadline or just plain late. A part of me will hate to say this now but maybe I get a (B-) instead because of my work ethic as its own.

It was a brain exercise choosing from a list of digital projects available to use for assignment 5 where I got the chance to showcase my musical talents in a different way. Creating that audio recording for a digital story was something I never thought I would be able to do.

I have to cut this short in hopes of meeting this deadline, forgive me if this felt short.


Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection

It has been about a month, so it’s a little past mid-semester. (After editing it again today, this is way overdue…)Polar Bear GIF

CT 101 has been a very interesting class, It got me to think a lot about the future, what to think about when approaching the digital aspect of life, and what it can be used for. I haven’t been spending time on my classes, my brain has wanted to stay numb and distracted the past few days. Honestly, to even start writing this took me about 2 hours. It is so hard for my brain sometimes, and as I’m writing this it’s almost like my body’s also getting ready for sleep…Cat Wtf GIF

I’m happy about learning how to utilize the web, as I hear news of how Spotify and other streaming platforms won’t be paying artists unless they meet certain conditions. So it’s cool learning how to build my webpage where I can control the streaming, distributing, and purchasing of my music. I can do things I learned here, such as hyperlinks and embedding things into my website or even blogging on things that I feel my opinion matters.

As for the general things I know how to use, I grew up on the computer—mostly making things like my mmm.page, or realizing different ways to utilize my love for music other than music but using the same technology to create stories and perhaps soundboards.in the studio logic GIF by Soundfly

As far as passing or failing, I’m sure I will pass the class. I don’t know what letter grade I deserve but I always submit for an A. My effort physically may not match that, but when I pull myself I happen to deliver quality in my opinion. However, this assignment itself deserves a 50, it was submitted late along with some other things. I lack comments on my peer’s work so that on its own is a minus 10-15 % of my final grade, I say 10 because I did some but not all.failing season 4 GIF

Honestly, I’m unsure why I stopped submitting after the last assignment. It takes me so long to start again, but after missing this one I’m missing all the ones that are after this. Honestly, I’ve accepted that maybe I won’t pass all my classes this semester. I don’t even know if I deserve to graduate after all the time I wasted not working on school. I’m absent, I barely comment, and I submit late work. I clearly in my eyes am not an ideal student at all. I have this guilt but I’ve been pushing myself to finish, I have to try.To Do List Nothing GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

My works have their character based on what I am being told to accomplish but there has definitely been a big change from the first post, and I am looking forward to completing the ones below. However, I do say this one lacks luster compared to my other post.

So let me get to work, by the end of this I am now writing and flowing freely as opposed to the mental strength it took to get started. *sigh*

These are the assignments I’m missing, 9 & 10 (but have been working on)

& These are my previously submitted assignments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

#6 Digital Art Intimacy

Get your best headphones ready!!!!

Excited to make my own website, I knew I had everything needed to make something cool. Again, off the strength of my passion for music (in my post below… lol) I created a mmm.page where I can showcase all my work on one place. It kind of makes it easier since I don’t want to put everything out right now officially, SoundCloud has become my testing ground. I don’t promote my music often or at all so I’ve herd. This website will be my start to sharing what I created quickly without anyone getting to bored of the plain everyday websites we listen to music on. I would love to know how people would react to this layout I put together, so in that case you all are my test subjects…  >:)


Honestly I like how the page came out a lot and being able to personalize it so quickly is a game changer. I considered the Pro upgrade but, lets just see where this goes for now because $10 a month is still an investment, haha.

Its probably going to be on my tabs 24/7 if I ever want to listen to my own stuff, mmm.page is so quirky and cool, Also I kept in mind that the desktop is different from the mobile version. This made me want to spice it up for different platforms, so I added the clouds and an extra playlist in that area, pretty neat stuff.

🙂 Thank YOU for reading THIS FAR…!

anddd we finally CAUGHT UP TO ASSIGNT MENT #7

Its been a long day and night ladies and gentlemen, it feels like I worked a Digital Storytelling Shift somewhere on somebodies website… @ryanseslow … lol jk But I honestly Enjoyed every last minute of it.


When you put your mind to something, you best believe you can achieve it. but also I want to graduate so cheers to that. Now I got an 8 page paper, Some finals and some pictures to get funky with for my photography class, and we cannot forget about the COMMENTS haha the sweet comments, yes Professor, The comments gotta go-
maybe something where we are assigned to a different person in the class for the week and we deep dive on each others work and ideas instead so people can get a solid insight and motivate each other in the creation process. While also engaging with the class as a whole eventually. Maybe it could work but its worth mentioning ykno? <3 

And how did the whole class not know this? I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY DIDNT KNOW??!!? THIS!!!!!!! LIKE I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EARS WATCHING THE VIDEO FOR LAST WEEK!!!! like no way this was possible… PROFESSOR PLEASE CLICK THIS!

Always with love,

Jonathan signing out~





The first project that I choose was Sound Effect Story 
I picked this one because I have experience with audio on a digital workstation and have experimented with creating sounds with synths that sound like real life sound like animals or sound effects. Mostly for this project I found samples of other sounds like sirens and glass breaking to gun shots and etc. While also adding in my own method of creating life like sounds. I was able to create a helicopter sound cutting thru the air as you would hear it from inside the building. This was the challenging part because taking music and making it into something else isn’t what you tend to see everyday.

Can you Guess what the story is about? (Lower Volume at first!!!)

I used the same program that I talked about in my previous assignment Called FL Studios. Adding a reverb and using filters helped me achieve these sounds while also playing with the sound and volume levels I found what works best in this situation.

And for the second Assignment I choose to do Breaking News
This was a good one because I want to practice recording my voice to nice levels and manipulating it to sound like different people so this was a nice challenge as well as an addition to my previous assignment where I made the audio of the story, but if you guess correctly you would know that this is the 2nd part to the story! Enjoy!

The most interesting part about this is that I was actually able to get AI Using CHATGPT to generate the WHOLE script FOR ME! I just added names location and setting and bam. Technology is really getting advanced, because damn, it sounds so good. 


#4 Passion Post Blog

Now that I have the chance to talk about my passions, boy do I have so much to share with yall.

So much to talk about but Ill just focus on my main thing right now which is 


Deep Chills Macbook GIF by ATLAST - Find & Share on GIPHY

Music is my main thing, I consider myself to be a pretty well seasoned producer/artist. I began making music in late April 2017. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and  lived in Queens, NY my whole life. That’s where my stage name comes from, JAYSXEAST. A blend of my name and where I’m from. [JAY-SEE-EAST]. I always loved music as a kid and would keep a Toy piano that played Greensleeves and it would help me fall asleep every night.

I then got a battery antenna radio where I would listen to music directly from there, and would always need new batteries and couldn’t sleep if the radio was dead either.  Mostly stations like Radio Disney and Z100. I was falling in love with music everyday and  I never realized it. I got a CD player and got my first album from my sister Under my Skin by Avril Lavigne and would funny enough go on to associate her songs with an elementary crush of mine named, Veronica. I was a strange kid lol. I Got Justin Timberlake’s – Future Sex/Love Sound for X-mas and played that on repeat religiously. My mom also got me a Pussycats Dolls album, but I  give that back to her unopened… I went on to downloading Mp3s off of LimeWire and Ripping them from the local library’s collection on the computer at home, and finally loading them on to my mp3 player that was the size of a AirPods case, could you believe that!

In 2017 I explored my inner self deeply meditated and tried so hard to deeply understand myself and what my existence means to me, and where does my passion begin? I came to the conclusion that music has been all around me and close to me for my whole life. I never thought that I would be able to make a song of my own, on my own. Strut is still one of my favorite songs to listen to. 

It was released on my birthday about 3 years ago July 2020.

So far ive been releasing music online via Distrokid to distribute my songs to multiple streaming services. Distrokid was something that I always dreamed about, a service that allows me to post music officially just like my favorite artist.

The music program I use is called FL Studios, and its been my favorite since. My other music friends and teachers that I meet tend to use other DAW’s Like Ableton or Pro Tools but I’ve kind of settled for this one.

Unfortunately I only put one song out for now because I fear that I want the quality of my songs to be perfected and after some time after improving I will take things down that don’t align with me anymore, but thankfully I started to repost my older stuff on Soundcloud.com so people close to me can have somewhere to check my old stuff out and to see what I’ve been working on.

There was also a point where I believed I was sounding good… until I paid 300 Bucks to compete in a showcase tour in Brooklyn. Man it was fun to participate but boy did I regret not being more prepared, I am today but now I just enjoy the sounds I make and when I drop some FIRE BE READY!!! 😉

Also I was scammed, Coast 2 Coast did not do it for artist they did it for money…

#3 MeMe’ing-ness

#3 MeMe’ing-ness

Memes and are they Art? According to the video, Leo T. stated which i found important to the definition of art that was pretty much summed up as. If you experience it and share for others to then experience what u felt, given thru a particular medium, it is considered art.

Whenever I want to hear others opinions on a subject I usually check out the question on Reddit!

The definition of ART is just art itself. It is a lot if you’re ready to learn about it philosophically. Here is a Website that speaks on the History of the  Definition of Art.

Memes aren’t beautiful all the time though, sometimes people use memes to make fun of others, even if its a celebrity there are good and evil ways to go about this. Calling it art is better though because Art doesn’t really have any motives until the artist makes that statement.

Here are my favorite most memorable memes:

Nyan Cat
Pepe the Frog

Arrow to the knee

I think Memes are a fun little way to highlight short instances in time that are relevant to culture around the time they are made. Flash backs to the past and key things to never forget, and also the best parts of entertainment consumed. They speak to different audiences and can shorten an entire story to the summary with a sentence and picture.

Memes really are quite amazing, and here a way I relate Memes to my life and CT101!


Thanks for reading!

#2: GIF & GIF Post Narratives

First day of CT101 I really thought “oh wow sweet a computer class, I love computers” “work should be ez”…..

Donald Trump GIF by reactionseditor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Its offically Time to do assignemt 7 and here I am on #2…..
I wouldnt be able to call my self a procrastinator if i didnt procrastinate, now can I?

The course is fun even tho I am the student who was absent for the past like 4-5 days. (literally lost count). I really come home to sit on the computer but I started to leave open the CT101 class to remind me what Ive been missing… but I STILL FORGET

Angry Chicken GIF by happydog - Find & Share on GIPHY

This class is so expressive, as a art major this gives me insight into my future and what the online world offers, so I can then utilize it for my own gain. Intangible products make the best revenue in my opinion, which is a goal for me to learn how to do. This all starts with my knowledge of the internet.

Great Job Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I get frustrated when writing and reading for long periods of time, so using GIFs to express myself is dope, because this-

Patrick Star GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Is how I feel at the end of the night when its past 1 am on a Tuesday and I know for a fact I’ve already lost half the battle by not having my work finished on time.

Venom 2 Reaction GIF by Venom Movie - Find & Share on GIPHY

Please excuse the many chapters of my life I add to the wonderful CT101 Page… I will be posting everything TONIGHT!!!! (If given the strength) I must be on some limitless energy right now….

Jake Mcdorman Brian Finch GIF by Global Entertainment - Find & Share on GIPHY

WISH ME LUCK!!! And thank you Ryan for being an awesome professor, I never miss a class because you post them online!!! Thank you!

Work Feels GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

~A Web of Happiness~

This Weeks Adventure on the WWW (World Wide Web) brought me mostly to youtube for educational and motivation purposes. The happiness comes from watching the channel MeatCanyon. Meat is an animator on youtube that loves to create cartoons. On his channel he has been animating characitures of other well known Youtubers’ in this eerie art style that he made his own. The last Curator he animated was XQC.

What was really interesting about all this is the fact that I was able to see the preview of the video before it was animated in drawing form. This made me happy because watching someone elses’ process in creating leads me to become motivated myself to work on my own projects. Everything takes time, and the more time your work on something the better, you; and the thing your working on, becomes.