#8 Registering my own domain name and Web hosting

The best part of CT101 so far. Yes, registering my own website. The whole process of registering and deciding my domain name was a great experience indeed. I finally ended up choosing iamanju.com as my domain name.

Most of my domain name choices were available so it was really hard to choose one. So I decided to stick with a general domain name. One reason why I didn’t want to narrow it down to a specific website was that I might plan to change the contents in the future as said earlier I have lots of ideas going on. I have a few ideas that are juggling around my head but not fully satisfied with. But right now my plan is to work on the idea I already started with which is to make a new series of blogs filled with interesting and fun facts. It is kind of educational, interesting and fun at the same time. You can call it a science blog if you want to. But yeah I love to research things like this so I thought why not write about it? But nothing is permanent, if I get a better plan on what to do with my website in the future I will surely switch to it. And that is my current plan!! Until then…