#9 Classmates websites

First off congratz to everyone for owning their own websites. Yayyy!! Each website was so unique and interesting and some were mindblowing. The two websites that mainly caught my eyes were: Bazán and Breanna Rowe.

Bazan’s website Mono Pillowtalk was one of the best and stood out for me. I enjoyed reading her short stories. My favorite story was Wallflowers, Sunflowers & Petals. They were so well written with the perfect titles. I wish I could write like that! Also, loved the way she decorated it, giving it an aesthetic feel. It was a beautiful website overall. Really enjoyed it and had a great time navigating around the site.

The second one was Breanna Rowe’s Brees brunch. I love Brees brunch because I am personally a foodie who also enjoys reading and watching cooking blogs/vlogs. On her website, she posts brunch recipes and I am down for it!  Love her french toast for the most recipe and looking forward to more amazing recipes!

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