life and GIFS

Life feels like this for me every time the semester starts, walking a fine line trying to balance school, work, family, and personal goals. Dean Potter is the man in the GIF and he is the one who inspired me to start slacklining! This is the full video of Dean highlining with no safety!

Good thing professor Ryan made the first class super enjoyable and exciting! I haven’t taken similar classes so its nice that most of the work is creative and content creation related! (feels good to get away from the standard notebook and onto the computer)

But honestly i feel like Patrick because i am not inclined computer wise. Thankfully most of my other classes are CT related and what i love the most is that its so relevant to todays society that it could be very useful and has unlimited creative potential for all types of people.

I work in catering so my weekends are 16 hour shifts like 9am-1am and on Monday’s i wake up wishing i had this machine to help me relax!

But this is my last semester so i am super excited to graduate and have more time to follow my passions such as rock climbing, slacklining, hiking and adventuring!




2 thoughts on “life and GIFS”

  1. Great work on this!
    Thanks so much for kind words, I love teaching CT101!
    Oh man.. Dean Potter is Crazy!! Great hyperlink that helps share more of his skills!
    Terrifying and equally exciting!
    Much good energy and more creativity to come in our class –
    lol, love the Patrick reference, and no worries, we will ease into all of the class activities and work at our pace in the learning process!

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