A GYPHY experience


I Definitely had trouble getting into this class. As a first year, i didn’t know what classes i want. In some ways i still don’t know. As i messed around with my schedule to see the best ways to optimize my time to learn a variety of things, i happened to stubble into this class. I immediately contacted the professor. i was very interested with the course. the website for the course intrigued me even more. Enrolling into the course was a nightmare because of a lot of technical issues but I’m glad all the paper work went through.

On my first day, i was so lost. i didn’t know where anything was and was afraid to ask anyone where the room for the course was. so i roamed around everywhere till i found where i had to be.

The creative aspect of the course excited me. in some ways its easy, yet challenging. some days I’m filled with ideas on what to post and some days my head is empty. but i feel like it lets us express ourselves however we want.


Ct101, to me, seems less stressing then a lot of my other classes. although there isn’t an exact deadline for the assignments, i know i should try and do them as early as possible to not procrastinate. but the freedom is nice to have.


I feel that through this course i can definitely be able to learn to express my thoughts more. it could help me with any future ideas for promoting certain ideas. i also see this as a nice experience to make stuff i enjoy.


As someone who struggles with technology, learning more skills that use internet tools is a big plus. specially because I’m learning to incorporate a lot of media in my writings. But otherwise, id probably freak out trying to learn this on my own.

Long story short- I’m glad i enrolled

3 thoughts on “A GYPHY experience”

  1. Excellent work!
    Love the GIFs and how they connect to your storytelling – I like how you used your registration process as the subject and narrative here, Im so happy it all flowed through easily too!
    We are happy to have you with us, Marvin!
    Lets add a few hyperlinks to this post for context, perhaps you link to the York College registrars page, lol!

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