Its Time to share Your Website in Progress!

Its Time to share Your Website in Progress!

This week in CT101 we will share and explore each others websites, learn about creating “categories” and “custom links” and how to add them to your websites navigation menu structure. Of course I will record this process during Zoom and post the video here after.

**Here is the Video Recording from this Week’s Zoom Session –

Passcode: YJ!x7?.3

Here we are 3 plus weeks into being the proud owners of a shiny new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion! Exciting!

The Assignment for this week:

First: Its time to share your website’s URL, please add it to the comments section below in this blog post (My example is already there as an example)

Simply leave a comment below sharing your website’s address and press the Post Comment button!

Be sure to include the –  http://  part.   (some of your have added https:// – thats OK too)

Here is an example–> 

This is my example of my website URL –

Second: Explore some of the website’s of your fellow classmates! Leave them a comment, or two about their progress directly on their website! Then, write a blog post here on CT1010 OR on your own new website sharing your thoughts and feedback about discovering your classmate’s websites. Be sure to include their URL in your post (and hyperlink it!) What do you like about the websites that you discovered? Did you find a favorite blog post, or project? Share it! Give some feedback!

And, Why are we doing this?

Well, to share our development, support for each other and their process of course! Maybe your classmates and peers missed your last few posts and are in need of some feedback, inspiration and contrast. Lets dig in!


42 thoughts on “Its Time to share Your Website in Progress!”

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Your website is looking so good and yummy! I now know where to go when I want to bake a carrot cake or an apple pie. I never had an apple pie so I’m going to follow your recipe and try it with my family. Overall your website also looks very neat and I like how every time I reload your page there’s a new photo.

    2. Hey Claudia,
      I love your website layout! I can never find a good carrot cake recipe so I cannot wait to try to make that carrot cake recipe you posted. Your website is nicely done, very neat and organized. I can’t wait to see what else you post.

    3. hello, I love your work. I love the different recipes you have there. I will be sure to take a few tips from you.

    1. Hi Louannie, your website has such a cozy feel to it. I love how welcoming and accepting it feels right off the bat. Also while on your homepage, I noticed how many similarities we have. I too migrated to the states at the age of 5, am also a lefty, a senior at York, and I love to travel. I also loved how you shared the logos you’ve created. I hope to read more of your blogs soon!

    1. Cindy……GURLLLL I LOVE YOUR VIBE. You have a comfy cozy winter feel on there for now, perfect for the Christmas season. I look forward to getting some DIY tips in the future. Like you this is also my first time creating my own web page.

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