Oh Let Me Count the Ways

When I first entered undergrad it was as an Education and Theatre double major with a goal to become a teaching artist at the local theatre I used to work with in Brooklyn. I was certain that in four years I would be a licensed teacher all while maintaining my passion for the theatre (and dramatics).

And then I took a class with Professor Dr. Precious Yamaguchi. Precious taught most of the New Media courses (what you would call Communications Technology now,  I suppose) and designed her classes in a very accessible and engaging way. She was the first professor that really let me know just how different College was from HS. I learned what it was like to have mutual respect with an educator in her class.

The class was a beginner animation course that piqued my interest and it captured my media-loving heart hook, line, and sinker (the state-of-the-art Mac lab didn’t hurt either). We learned the very, very basics of animation and how to use different software that I had only ever heard of.

I was in heaven 😍

The first day of CT101 I felt a similar sort of giddiness. Rather than being excited about starting my college career, I felt happy to be taking classes for the pure enjoyment of education. I’m someone who genuinely enjoys school, so taking a course so in line with my original major feels like taking a lap in the winner’s circle.

(And, once again, the Mac lab doesn’t hurt 🤭)

After years of doing the kind of soulless logic work I’ve grown used to the creative content in the class is like a breath of fresh air. The program I just finished had me crunching numbers in an accounting class, fumbling with SQL, and creating data tables. So, so many data tables. Taking some time to blog and collect gifs and emojis to express my rich inner thoughts? Priceless🥺

Compared to my other class I think this one is a bit more challenging as I have to be creative rather than just engage in memorization. Well, not quite memorization but right now we’re very, very, veryyyyyy slowly. We’re still working through the very first chapter we started out in , which has its value certainly, but I expected… more.

All in all, I’m looking forward to getting into the guts of blogging and creative design using WordPress. The only blogs I’ve ever engaged with were hosted on Blogger so I’m sure much has changed, but so far so good I’ll say!

2 thoughts on “Oh Let Me Count the Ways”

  1. Wonderful post!
    Great over all work on this, and so much appreciate the authenticity of your writing and storytelling!
    I know that you will fall in love with blogging too!
    I started blogging back in 2002 and never looked back, it is such a great platform for sharing and expressing and being able to revise and work very intuitively!
    Great selections of GIFS here!
    Lets see if we can add a few hyperlinks that expand the storytelling – for example, you mentioned Dr. Precious Yamaguchi, perhaps there isa website that shares the Dr’s work? 🙂

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