A little dose of creativity

Now it’s time for another blog post!

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But first, let’s kick this off with a song that fits this blog’s theme.

It’s all about creativity!

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As we journey into the land of creativity, we will create even more things. If you look here, there are various tasks to challenge and bring our creativity to the next level.

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The two assignments I will be working on are as follows:

I chose the Poster assignment because of my nonexistent graphical creativity. Let me explain.

A good poster would look like this

Buy Tickets for A night of music from Adele and Amy Winehouse in Shanghai | SmartTicket.cn by SmartShanghai

However, a poster I do will look like this

City trashes garbage bins in bid to 'clean up'

Understanding??? Therefore, this assignment will challenge me. On the other hand, the coding assignment  isn’t that ununusualIt requires zero graphical knowledge or expertise because I don’t have to focus on the UX/UI aspect. So I will have to learn the basics of a good design for the poster and the compiling environment on the browser for the coding one. I Let uso atat leastwo more kinds of these kinds of projects to solidify our understanding. This will help us toild storytelling skills and alscover the   ndreds of tools to aid our creative journey.

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These skills are important as they will help us to be more creative. It’s crazy how life is, ; theore one learns, the more they probably realize they like to do a cespecificask. In no time, they can use that very task to make billions. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. The skills we learn might be that spark for a  creative journey beyond measure.

Now on to the first assignment.

I jumped onto Youtube University to learn a little more about Canva. I decided that I would be using that platform to create the poster. Essentially, the poster should be a movie ad where the theme contradicts the title.

It started out with a blank Canva page. Nothing on it at all.


Then I made some progress. Started looking for some scary pictures because I brainstormed an idea.

I wasn’t sure at this point, but then I remembered I hated scary movies. However, I still went ahead with something scary.

At first, I actually liked the picture but then people would think it’s weird. So I’ll behave like it scares the living daylight out of me. I then went ahead and added some stuff to make it slap!

I believed it was time to add some words. Something that contrasts the theme. I also added some other effects.

Lovely signifies something nice. Is this really a nice toy? It looks like it’s ready to

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Ready to smile? Let’s see.

See the final version below. It’s giving contradicting.

Now on to the second assignment. Here I’ll be creating a tool that we all know and love.

Mr.Bean WHAT!! Meme by Josael281999 on DeviantArt

It’s a calculator… YAY!

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Even though I think the Devil created Math to hurt my head, I still programmed a calculator.

Here is how it went:

It started out by simply adding the functions.

Then one thing led to the next. Now I had to write the display statements so the user could choose what they wanted to do.

Then I added more lines of boring code. This has everything to do with the actual operation of the calculator.

When all that was done, I ran the code and tested it. Shoutout to Programiz 

There you have it, a great tool for a terrible subject.

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If you ever want to learn to program, you can watch this video below:

Also if you ever think that you are blessed with the gift to design posters. Checkout Canva 

Now, let me leave you alone.

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  1. Great work!
    Wow, chock full of great resources, content and contexts, thank you for the thoughtful tutorial and process explanation. Did you enjoy this kind of writing style?
    You picked two great assignments to focus on, and I like how you discovered canva as well (we will use a cool new tool this week that is a lil similar).
    I noticed that the size of the featured image a bit big, it may help to reduce it in size and re-upload it – take a look at your post and see how the first image is really huge compared to the others?

  2. I still can’t believe that “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is Ten Years Old. I feel ancient. Do you think you would ever do a version of the assignment as an album cover?

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