Now that’s a wrap!

They call it the end, but it’s really just the beginning of something new!

Scared Alexa Demie GIF by euphoria

We have achieved so much this semester. I’d say this is perhaps the best. While there was so much to learn, I can’t contain it, I’m happy that I was a part of CT101.

From Blog Writing to Website Building, we did ALOT! Keep reading to see everything I worked on in this class.

I liked the fact that the class was very handson and interactive. It was a great way to learn how to use technology to tell stories engagingly and creatively. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and always willing to help if we had any questions or needed assistance. The class was also very fun , and I enjoyed all the activities we did.

Celebrate Happy New Year Sticker by SONGSONGMEOW

I would definitely recommend this digital storytelling class. It provides an excellent introduction to the basics of digital storytelling and offers plenty of handson experience with the software used to create digital stories.

Mc Lyte Period GIF by ALLBLK

I did more writing this semester than any other. It was totally worth it, though. Checkout my blog entries below:

These were my blog posts from newest to oldest. Guess what? The first one I did is still my favourite. It encompassed everything I wanted to speak about. I can’t believe it’s been three months, though. I’ve grown and learned so many skills.

Here are some skills I learned in CT101:
  • Storytelling: Learning to craft an engaging story that can effectively communicate a message or idea is a valuable skill for any digital storyteller.
  • Visual Design: Understanding how to design visuals that draw in an audience is essential for any storyteller.
  • Writing: Writing compelling copy that captures the essence of your story is a key skill for any digital storyteller.
  • Research: Developing research skills will enable you to find the resources and information you need to tell your story effectively.

Now on to the website!

homer simpson computer GIF

Maintaining and regularly updating a website is essential to keeping it secure, relevant, and userfriendly. As the website owner, I will ensure that my website remains up-to-date with the latest software and security updates and regularly check for any broken links or outdated content. Additionally,I plan to update my blog and other content on the website regularly to keep visitors engaged.

To head over to the website, visit

Now, this is the homepage. You can learn more and join the ARPPRA world experience!


After seeing the homepage, you Discover So Much More! It’s seamless and easy.

Then you can jump over to the blog
You must also beware of travel hacks!
So essentially, now is the best time to travel but travel safely using the best tips.
TV gif. Tichina Arnold as Pam on Martin holds a pile of dollar bills in her hand like a microphone as she yells into it, "Woo-woo, woo-woo!" before shaking the money in the air and smiling and laughing, "Haha!" and then counting it.
Building this website wasn’t bad at all. However, it was draining. Very draining. Setting up the hosting was the issue, but building the website wasn’t bad once it started to work There were times I couldn’t access it due to server issues. However, those were resolved.
paper airplane loop GIF by Slanted Studios
But while I still have you here, let me shout out Prof Ryan Seslow! I’ll give him 11/10 for performance this semester.
Reality TV gif. Jennifer Lopez as host of World of Dance wears a gold sequin turtleneck and a serious pout as she stands up to clap like she's impressed.
Check out one of his GIFs below:
Animation Technology GIF by Ryan Seslow
Overall, I do think I’ve maintained an A+! I deserve an A+ because I have worked hard and put in the effort required to succeed. I have demonstrated knowledge, dedication, and commitment to the CT101 and have shown that I can apply the concepts I have learned to realworld situations. I have also shown an aptitude for writing and creativity, essential skills for success in any field.
Hungry Back To School GIF by Papa John’s
With that being said, shoutout as well to all my classmates. Y’all made the experience great. I saw some great websites and blog posts. Amazing!
Reality TV gif. Michelle Visage on Queen of the Universe holds her hands up in the okay sign, and says, “*muah* Fantastic” and smiles proudly.

I’m now signing out! Happy Holidays and add me on Instagram @akkeemp

Merry Christmas GIF by NBC


Checkout my first blog post!

Guess what?

Girl Omg GIF by Fluffy Friends

There’s a new Blog Post live on

Remember when I said we would be focusing on travel and adventure? Well, the first post on the site is all about an awesome island in the Caribbean that you can travel to and enjoy! That’s right; we are talking about the island of Jamaica!


Read up about the Jamaican culture, people and more by clicking here

Usain Bolt Sport GIF by Olympics
If you made it this far without clicking, let me give you a snippet:
“Jamaica is a small island nation located in the Caribbean Sea, known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and fascinating history. Here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting Jamaica on your next vacation:”
That’s all I can give you for now. If you want to read it, head to our Blog and look for “Jamaica, Jamaica, Irie”
Happy Celebration GIF by Fimimoji

Digging into my plans!

The semester is coming to a close fast!

Lockdown No GIF by Pablo

Since we are focusing on building our site, let me give you a rundown of the plan!

Celebrity gif. Joanne the Scammer runs out of a rusty building in the middle of the desert and hops over the car door into a convertible car.

So far, I plan to work on downloading the best plugins I need for the site. But first, what is a plugin? Watch the video below to find out.

So WordPress has a suite of awesome plugins to choose from. Based on my previous assignment, we chose a domain name and dived into the web!

After logging into the admin dashboard, I headed over to Plugins.

There are thousands to choose from, and they can do so much. If you look at the bottom of the screenshot above, you’ll see an app called Jetpack downloaded. This app helps with backing up and protecting the website.  Read more about it here.

Now it’s onto the pages. I’ve decided to stick with three pages, a “Home” page, a “Blog” page and a “Contact Us” page. I don’t think the site needs any more. It’s critical not to overwhelm viewers with the information they don’t need to know. I will also add something else to the Header Menu that will link to other pages.

yellow pages GIF

I will remove the default content from the theme and customise the home page. I can’t wait!

New York Jets Football GIF by NFL

Also, look out for a new colour scheme. I’m thinking blue, red and white. Hopefully, I’m inspired to keep those even though they have no significance.  There will also be a Blog Post, so you can look out for that!

Working Cartoon Network GIF

Essentially, this website will talk about travel and adventure. Two things I love the most.

There are just so many places to discover. Where will you travel next?

Stay tuned for more updates on my website.

Setting up Domain + Hosting

Animated GIF

Hola, here with another post! Now on to this assignment.

Stressed College Life GIF

We were focused on our domains. If you checked my last post, you’d see that we were brainstorming domain names. Now it was time to put it into action! By hopping on to Reclaim Hosting, it was time to sign up and get started.

Honestly, sometimes it moves a little bit slower than expected.  I didn’t like the site’s responsiveness initially, but I got used to it over time. But fast forward to setting up, I could choose a domain and jump on the “freeness.” The domains are free for a year, so I have until 2023 to make the best of it. My domain name is

Now at this point, I was upset about the slowness of the page, but again, over time, it improved. I then jumped onto the cPanel, where all the magic happens.

Of course, I forgot my password.

Animated GIF

But you get the point. That’s where you go to access the WordPress site

Blog Circle GIF by

So far, I’ve just installed the JetPack plugin, so I won’t lose anything and can back up easily. The overall process of setting up a domain wasn’t hard. Well, the hardest part was dealing with the slow loading. I may also just be impatient. However, other than that, the steps were clear and thorough. It’s a simple 1, 2,3.  So far, though, this is all on my site:

Looks fun, right?

Amazing Season 6 GIF by Bachelor in Paradise

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the website!

25 Funny Memes about Website Design |

Diving into the web!

It’s crazy how we use it frequently but never take the time to think about it. No, I’m not talking about your devices, but something your devices helps you to get to. Let’s talk about web domains!

do you mind if i call you google? because you've got everything i'm searching for - Pick-up line Panda - quickmeme

No, it’s not only about but more than that. A web domain is an actual presence on the internet. Still unsure? Watch the video below to learn more.

Now it’s time to start with the perfect domain name for my new website. Here’s a list of some I thought of:


I especially liked the first two and the last two. These examples highlight different aspects of my story. Whether my present situation or aspects of my past ones.

homer simpson computer GIF

I think my website should be about my journey at York or overall. I’m thinking:

  • Blogs I wrote before
  • Blogs about life in NY
  • Pictures of the city
  • Pictures of the Caribbean
  • Blogs about Caribbean Life
  • Video Blogs (VLOGS) about everything

Again, not completely sure, but the possibilities are endless!

Season 1 Beth GIF by Rick and Morty

Owning and managing a website is like real estate, especially if your site gets many visits. It gets increasingly valuable the longer you have it.

Stay Ahead Real Estate Sticker by SASOCIALMEDIA

This leads me to the perks of having a site; they include:

  • The joy of owning something, even if it’s just a website and a domain.
  • It can be monetized to create an extra income stream if it grows.
  • Ability to be uniquely creative!
  • Building my online presence which might mean even more websites.

Made It Yes GIF by Gameforge

This has me feeling really pumped about this entire website journey.


Finally, I have some websites that are already motivating me. Check them out below:

Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing platform. I don’t hate it. I love the UX/UI aspect.  It’s just sleek and modern.


Well, this is not the best, but it’s here because I’m probably addicted to the site. This is Amazon. It’s user-friendly, but if I join their development team, I will give them some pointers on enhancing the entire site. (If you have an Amazon link, let me know)


Now hold on, CNN is a hit, but their site will not make you head over heels. However, it does the job, and I like that. Not too hard to navigate, and the info you went on the site to see is staring you right in the face. Simple isn’t always bad.

These are just some of the many websites I like. It just shows that all websites don’t have to be the same. The purpose, target and motivation are important. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

text nyc GIF by Ryan Seslow

Stay tuned to see what happens with my website.

Bye Bye Goodbye GIF by Mickey Mouse




Tick tock, Mid-Term Recap

Tick tock on the clock! Time is flying

Alarm Clock Time GIF

Now let’s review a few things from my CT101 Experience. They are in bullet point format because I learned that people like that. Is that true?

  • Currently, in CT101, I think I am doing well. When it started out in September, I was very interested, and fast forward to now, and I still am. This experience has been entertaining and wholesome, with a great teacher thus far.
  • In my years of being on the computer, I never took the time to understand key elements such as GIFs. Learning how easy it is to create a GIF stood out the most for me. It’s simple as jumping on Giphy and creating the unthinkable. This is creativity at its finest.
  • Since starting CT101, I’ve honed my writing skills and developed them even more. A saying in Jamaica says, “practice makes perfect.” This thought highlights the importance of constantly doing a task to ensure it’s perfected. Doing the weekly blogs allowed me to improve my research skills and ensure that I keep a good measure of worded content to graphical ones. This ensures the reader doesn’t get bored easily.
  • In the class, I believe my performance is good. I started posting blogs close to the “deadline” (before the new assignment was posted), and little by little, I did better in my head. Talking with my classmates and Prof Ryan made the experience even better. I was able to learn even more by following examples and being creative.
  • As I said above, I’m happy I learned how to make Gifs. It’s an awesome experience. Everyone should check out a tutorial here 
  • I think I am maintaining an A+. I respond to comments, try to publish blogs, update blog posts based on feedback, etc. #AplusforAkkeem

Proud Back To School GIF

  • Over time blog post after post, I’m getting to like the process even more. I can try new things and see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I keep things in drafts because two days after, I might change it up a bit. I’m starting to find my style and am happy about that.
  • Overall, up to this point, I have completed all the assignments. Here’s a rundown:
  • During class time, I contribute when I can. The discussions always become intriguing and thought-provoking, and I like that. Now, I want to get back on track with future assignments. My personal goal is to complete them as soon as they are posted.

Looking forward to an awesome 2nd leg of the semester!

Bye Bye Goodbye GIF by Jimmy Arca


Another day, another blog post

Beautiful Day Comedy GIF by CBS

We are looking at everything creative. Yes, creativity.

Art Design Sticker by Silvie Bomhard

As a class, we looked at so much, from creativity to intuition and immediacy.  It boiled to creative potential. For example, the assignment I will write about below had so much potential. If you look at it, it’s crazy how a small device you mostly use on a table or in your lap, can do so much.  In this case, we worked on a website by adding various elements. Just think about life now vs life 20 years ago. Crazy how more creative you can be as time goes on. There’s always something unique that can be done.

Brad Pitt Oscars GIF by The Academy Awards

At this point, while I’m not completely sure what I’m passionate about, using these handheld devices just to make something is just

Awesome Surprise GIF by Masterchef

Now let’s dive into what I worked on

dive fail GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

Using this site , I built something about Jamaica. Now while I’m not a UX/UI designer, I was able to throw some stuff on the screen and in my mind they made sense. First, here’s a little info on the website.

Now, I worked on a Jamaican site. Here’s the first page

This was just a mash-up of some things/people unique to Jamaica. Why did I create it? At the time of brainstorming, I was listening to a Jamaican song that got me really hyped. It’s PG80. Listen at your own risk.

But it reminded me of Jamaica, so I got to work. In the picture, you’ll see icons like Usain Bolt (fastest man on the planet), Shelly-Ann Frazer Pryce (one of the three fastest women alive), a girl dancing to Dancehall, and our National Tree. These are just mere snippets of Jamaica. Most importantly, the flag of Jamaica. The colors are black, green and gold!

5 Funny Jamaican Obama Memes | Panmedia

Now on to the second page.

It started off with a video explaining Jamaican symbols. There is a very famous poem there as well, written by a very famous Jamaican, Louise Bennett Coverly

Jamaican Flag Entertainment GIF by Desus & Mero

There are also some other elements, like a Bob Marley and Spice gif.

bob marley GIF

To be honest, I didn’t really like the site’s functionality. I guess because I’m used to other builders like WordPress and Wix. I also didn’t like the fact that I could only upload 10 pieces of media. Overall, it wasn’t bad to work with. It was simple and easy to add stuff and write text.

Come On Yes GIF by The Democrats

So…….. Remember to embrace your creativity. What will you create next?

Art Create GIF


Posing See Ya Sticker by H.E.R.

A little dose of creativity

Now it’s time for another blog post!

Excited Work From Home GIF

But first, let’s kick this off with a song that fits this blog’s theme.

It’s all about creativity!

How creative are you meme -

As we journey into the land of creativity, we will create even more things. If you look here, there are various tasks to challenge and bring our creativity to the next level.

Grow Black Lives Matter GIF by Shalita Grant

The two assignments I will be working on are as follows:

I chose the Poster assignment because of my nonexistent graphical creativity. Let me explain.

A good poster would look like this

Buy Tickets for A night of music from Adele and Amy Winehouse in Shanghai | by SmartShanghai

However, a poster I do will look like this

City trashes garbage bins in bid to 'clean up'

Understanding??? Therefore, this assignment will challenge me. On the other hand, the coding assignment  isn’t that ununusualIt requires zero graphical knowledge or expertise because I don’t have to focus on the UX/UI aspect. So I will have to learn the basics of a good design for the poster and the compiling environment on the browser for the coding one. I Let uso atat leastwo more kinds of these kinds of projects to solidify our understanding. This will help us toild storytelling skills and alscover the   ndreds of tools to aid our creative journey.

Overthinking Nuclear Explosion GIF by Fran Borzea

These skills are important as they will help us to be more creative. It’s crazy how life is, ; theore one learns, the more they probably realize they like to do a cespecificask. In no time, they can use that very task to make billions. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. The skills we learn might be that spark for a  creative journey beyond measure.

Now on to the first assignment.

I jumped onto Youtube University to learn a little more about Canva. I decided that I would be using that platform to create the poster. Essentially, the poster should be a movie ad where the theme contradicts the title.

It started out with a blank Canva page. Nothing on it at all.


Then I made some progress. Started looking for some scary pictures because I brainstormed an idea.

I wasn’t sure at this point, but then I remembered I hated scary movies. However, I still went ahead with something scary.

At first, I actually liked the picture but then people would think it’s weird. So I’ll behave like it scares the living daylight out of me. I then went ahead and added some stuff to make it slap!

I believed it was time to add some words. Something that contrasts the theme. I also added some other effects.

Lovely signifies something nice. Is this really a nice toy? It looks like it’s ready to

pandawhale GIF

Ready to smile? Let’s see.

See the final version below. It’s giving contradicting.

Now on to the second assignment. Here I’ll be creating a tool that we all know and love.

Mr.Bean WHAT!! Meme by Josael281999 on DeviantArt

It’s a calculator… YAY!

Calculating Oh No GIF by MOODMAN

Even though I think the Devil created Math to hurt my head, I still programmed a calculator.

Here is how it went:

It started out by simply adding the functions.

Then one thing led to the next. Now I had to write the display statements so the user could choose what they wanted to do.

Then I added more lines of boring code. This has everything to do with the actual operation of the calculator.

When all that was done, I ran the code and tested it. Shoutout to Programiz 

There you have it, a great tool for a terrible subject.

Work Coding GIF by Scaler

If you ever want to learn to program, you can watch this video below:

Also if you ever think that you are blessed with the gift to design posters. Checkout Canva 

Now, let me leave you alone.

IT'SDONE ITS FINALLY OVER Memegeneratornet IT's DONE IT'S FINALLY OVER - Frodo | Meme Generator | Meme on ME.ME


Yesterday is the past, today is all about MEMES!

Hola, Hello, Wah gwaan…Let’s talk about memes, but first how many languages can you say hello in?

Oprah Winfrey

Now it’s time to start this week’s blog! This week is all about MEMES.

Chemistry Cat meme

It’s easy to do and all that.

Too Easy GIF by Redbrick

Now to the question, are memes art? I jumped onto Google University to find some information to answer this question. This site says that memes do the same thing art does. It makes you feel happy, and it’s fun.

It's the same Thing! - George lopez | Meme Generator

Another site (click here)  said that “[a meme is a ]form of pop art and draws a parallel to Andy Warhol’s work, which often involved appropriating images from pop culture, not unlike the way memes are created today.” Basically confirming that MEMES are indeed art.

Rainbow Spongbob meme

Before continuing, I must announce some very important news in the meme world. We found this meme in real life. Living and breathing. Watch the video to hear from him. He’s one of my favorite people to meme.

Now back to regular programming.

Memes are good for art. Meme artists can create anything to spread joy and happiness worldwide, especially on social media. Isn’t that the aim of art?


I am pretty sure communicating with memes is good. I don’t think it should replace a normal conversation though.

Happy Obama Meme meme

Again, memes allow people to express themselves. Even though not everyone will understand individual expressions, that’s alright. People should be allowed to express themselves in any way they like, especially if it’s a meme. If that’s how you feel will best represent your creative nature, then power to you! It can also be used as an escape from this messed up world. Just like how you go to Kevin Hart to hear jokes, you can pull up some memes on the internet and see the jokes, literally.


Now, this leads to … Wait. Let me stop again and show you how to make your own meme. Watch this short video below  (click the link) to learn how.


Now, this leads to whether or not memes can be used for storytelling. They can be used to do just that. Let me tell you a little story.




See, now you can be a Pastor. You’re welcome.

youre welcome smile GIF

Now memes can literally explain the type of person you are in a second. Let me show you who I am.

50 famous memes and what they mean | Stacker

Shout out to Richard Dawkins for creating the word MEME. I probably should meme that but memes are just fun, like I’ve said probably 100 times since the start, but who’s counting? I like some memes more than others.
Checkout my top three memes of all time:


50 Popular Memes That Have Won Our Hearts


Pin on Ain't That The Truth!


Pin on Humor

Yes, I love Kermit the Frog memes. Don’t judge.

hi I'm kermit don't judge me - Kermit the frog | Meme Generator

Now imagine a class where you can sit and blog about memes.


You literally don’t have to rush.


This is way better than most of my other courses


In the end the fact remains the same. Memes and CT1010 are awesome.

Thats On Period GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Thanks for reading. You can go back to watching Abbott Elementary on Hulu

Ight Imma Head Out | Know Your Meme


GIFs, school and more GIFs

Heidi Klum Wow GIF by Lifetime

It’s almost October already! I honestly can’t believe it. Where did the weeks go?

Hurry Up Countdown GIF by Escape Hunt UK

Yesterday was summer, now it’s Fall? I don’t even know what that means. Today it’s cold, tomorrow it’s hot, then next week it’s raining. Why can’t New York make up its mind!?

weather whats GIF

Anyways, let me move on. GIFs are a huge deal, especially in the modern-day dispensation of the internet. It was developed by Steve Wilhite and his team and released in 1987.

YES, 1987.

You And Me Rihanna Sticker by Minos EMI - A Universal Music Company

We have some awesome sites like Giphy and Imgur which are arguably the two best platforms for GIFs on the internet. I rather Giphy because the interface and user experience are better. Also, it looks more modern. Imgur doesn’t. It looks boring.

Spongebob Squarepants GIF

Giphy has awesome features like the reactions menu and the ease of creating your own gif. They walk you through it step by step.

Going Up You Can Do It GIF by Scratch Garden

In regards to this class, CT101, I love it here. The first day was everything. It matched my expectations. Not boring, but engaging. I also met an awesome Professor, Ryan Seslow . Let me feature one of his GIFs below.

data GIF by Ryan Seslow

I love how the course is structured, and how it fosters a creative mindset. Hearing about the course made me feel

Happy Feliz GIF

I guess you can call it happy 🤷 … When you compare this class to my other classes, you can say it’s way better. Let me put it in a simpler way.

My other classes:

I Am Trash GIF by PBS Digital Studios

This class:

Happy Dance GIF by foodieg

This class will help with being more creative in any endeavor. Learning how to blog, make gifs, tell stories, and so much more is great. It proves that creativity is an art and is unique. We just need to embrace our creative being.

Art Fun GIF by Geo Law

I feel really…

season 5 GIF

I feel good because I will learn a lot of internet tools to help me to perfect my craft. What is my craft? I don’t know yet, but learning more will help me to find it pretty soon. It’s somewhere over the rainbow.

somewhere over the rainbow singing GIF

I just needed a reason to post that gif but learning new skills will help me to find my passion. I’m excited about what is to come in this class. Also, I’m looking forward to passing (Please read this twice Prof Seslow).

Hungry Back To School GIF by Papa John’s

An A+ but a pizza won’t hurt either.


GIFs have allowed me to expand my thinking. It’s no longer about just conveying an idea by writing it, now, I’m able to express it in various different ways. See my process of making a GIF:

  1. Find and record a video

2. Go to

3. Log In

4. Upload the clip of the video from the camera roll

5. Trim the video

6. Watch the GIF in action. Mine is Bolt winning!

Animated GIF


Bye Bye Peace GIF by Cappa Video Productions

Corn, rocket, the Queen… Made me happy?

Corn, rocket, the Queen… Made me happy?

This was a very interesting week to be alive. Wasn’t the past couple of days just crazy? It was crazy for me, but amid the craziness, there was always a place for happiness. 

I’ll be talking about four things that made me happy on the internet this week. Keep reading to see if we are by even a fraction similar.

Before we get into the list, I want to recognize this guy, Bobby McFerrin, who sang about not worrying and being happy:

The Story Of "Don't Worry Be Happy" On Its 30th Anniversary

While I love the song because it preaches happiness, I am worried because I always look at this reaction and wonder if he’s more scared than happy, but who am I to judge? 

But first, who am I? I’m Akkeem, a student here at York, trying to navigate his way through life, one day at a time. Also, I’m in this Digital Storytelling class, so there’s that too. Interesting right?

Now let’s get to the list:

4) Corn, viral, what?

I was amazed by the newly crowned and viral CEO of Corn, the Corn Kid. I find his obsession with corn really interesting. IT’S CORN!

Weirdly enough, it triggered the nerd in me, and I went to do some research. According to Google University, corn was developed by some people in Mexico almost 7000 years ago. Crazy right? All hail corn! Now it’s a global sensation, thanks to the Corn Kid.

Corn Corn Field GIF - Corn Corn Field Corn Maze GIFs

3) Marion with the Dancehall Gospel

“Heels On” singer Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, turned to Jesus a few years back. She decided her reign as Queen of the Dancehall had to be over to make way for her new journey in the gospel.

However, she released a song, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic. It reminded me of the time that she was in the Dancehall. I had it on repeat all week. The beat, the melody, the tone, everything was just incredible.

2) Jamaica dominates the track, again

I’m Jamaican, so I had to take out my pots and pans (I really didn’t).

Banging Pots GIFs | Tenor

Mommy Rocket, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, reminded us why she is one of the greatest of all time. She sprinted to victory to win the Diamond League 100m Women finals again. Lest we forget, she is the reigning World Champion. She made us proud! Shout out to Shericka Jackson as well, who took home the silver.

Fraser-Pryce blazes 10.65 to win 100m Diamond League crown | Loop Jamaica

1) London Bridge went downnnnn

Not the actual London Bridge, but the Queen died, and that’s what they referred to the plan surrounding her death as. I’m not happy she died, but Julie Mango’s Tiktok video where Jamaicans reacted to her death was hilarious….

But before, RIP to Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and condolences to her family.

But the video was hilarious (It’s mostly in patois, so I’ll understand if most readers don’t get it).

Click here to watch

That summed up my week. Not too exciting but not too dull either. I hope your week was fantastic! Catch you again soon!

Bye Slide GIF - Bye Slide Baby - Discover & Share GIFs