About My Classmates’ Website


Its been quite a journey. It’s like it was yesterday when we started this class and all thought it was going to be a traditional class. I’m happy that we’re all in the process of building our websites.  I enjoyed going through all your websites but Vinika’s was most striking to me due to its potential and my love for food!


As aforementioned,  love to eat food and I love trying out new foods. Fortunately, I live in NYC where there are like a bazillion places to eat with even more variety.. This is a both a blessing and a curse because all the good restaurants are just sitting there, waiting to be discovered. For example, If you live in Brooklyn you would know little about an amazing taco spot that’s in queens or a great Mediterranean spot that’s in Astoria. Thanks to Vinika, more places to eat would be readily recommended on her website weekly. I have a feeling this website is going to contain a lot of photographs and I’m here for it. These photographs would help to showcase the menus and atmosphere of the restaurants she decides to post on the website. Here’s a quick snapshot of the website layout.


Seriously, Vinika I wish I would’ve came up with this idea. Here’s some inspiration/future plans for your website you can consider. You can make the website the unofficial restaurant magazine site for Local restaurants. Who knows, when you get enough traction on the site, you can even start to charge restaurants a small fee for promoting their restaurants, The restaurant benefits from the additional social media exposure and you benefit with more money in your pockets! This website of yours has serious potential. I hope you continue to work on it and grow it, even after the semester is over.


I look forward to her recommendations so I can try out these restaurants ASAP.




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