Are Memes Art?

Are Memes Art?

So the pressing question of week 4 is “Are Memes a form of art? 

The simple answer to this is Yes, yes it is! 

If we go back to the simple definition of the word “Art” it is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.” Also, In the words of Luigi’s, “Art is whatever makes you think and evokes emotion.” That’s basically what memes do!

Before you disagree, hear me out!

Memes are capable of relaying any thought with a funny sound. Meme models are basically a blank canvas, and making something that is successful from these bits and pieces of references will take a little craft. The fact that you can use, say, a scene from an iconic reference and use a different and even unrelated topic on it and still make it fun for many, makes memes a language of its own.  It also becomes an interesting way for everyone to share our feelings. The software to create this art form is very much user friendly as well, so anyone can be an Artist. 


Here are some of my favorite meme art: 

This one was so relatable and funny because Will Smith’s caption is my very same thoughts when my parents tell me to clean up. Lol 

This one was funny because if you watch Fresh Prince, Carlton is a good & obedient child and is very proper. So, him not going to bed on time makes him rebellious.

An example of my very own artistic meme art is this image below.

Overall this was a fun assignment, I got to explore what a meme is and also create my own. I love how I can embrace my creativity in this class! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!