Final Post- FIN

About Course and Skillsets

Taking Ct101 has been a fun and exciting journey. I initially thought this class would have been a lot of work but I was totally wrong. I thought I would’ve had to be computer savvy and be able to have prior experience of using the internet and different software. But boy was I WRONG! This course is very user friendly! Professor Seslow is so great at his class course tutorials; that even if you missed a week of work you would still know how to do the assignment.

There were a lot of times where I missed a set in a live class session and the zoom recording saved me. Lol

I have learned so many skill sets like gif and meme-making, hyperlinking, embedding videos, creating my very own domain, and challenging myself to learn how to create logos. The CT101 website was set up in a way where every week we were learning a new skill set and were encouraged to recreate content containing all we learned. These assignments were never too difficult in my opinion, seeing that I am a millennial and the content was familiar to me. 


It’s a bittersweet feeling to know that this course has come to an end.

Website Information 

Because I enjoyed how we were able to pick and choose how we wanted to do things and we had most of the creative authority. Especially when it came to our websites! (Heres the link to mine)

I thought I would have had more time to develop my website. I created my website with the intent to self journal. So, I would blog about my self-care ideas, quarantine-safe fun activities, and/or my every day-to-day struggle as a young adult. One major success is that I was able to follow the step thoroughly to develop my website. It wasn’t hard to customize it to my liking because I had a visual in mind already. I was going for a stylish but simple look because I am girly but not too extreme. One of my biggest frustration during this process was TIME. Between my other demanding classes and CT101, I didn’t get a chance to post as much on my website as I wanted to. But seeing that I’ll be done with classes this week, I will definitely keep up with posting. I feel as though writing can be very therapeutic and so this is why I will upkeep my site.  

My website is set up pretty much like the tutorials the only thing is that I have included an about me page and a gallery. The about me page is just a little summary of me and what the website will entail. The gallery is just there for all the logos and/or pictures I make upload in my blog post. 


I feel as though I deserve an A, A-, 


I have managed to complete all of the week’s assignments. Also, I have put my best effort into creating content that was completely thought out and structured. I was always taught when you do something make sure you give it a 100% and that’s what I did in this course!

Louannie N. Smith

What Is Copyright?

Copyright is defined as the exclusive legal right, given to an originator/assignee to print/publish/perform/record any kinds of literature and/or musical material. I think that users should be mindful of the content they share on certain platforms. I think it is good to always know the rules/regulations of what we sign up for because it could come with consequences. 

But the day and age we live in we see that once something becomes popular it starts trending. I feel as though if the creators aren’t trademarking the content then it’s fair game/fair use because the originators haven’t legally made it their own. If we followed copyright laws then TIK TOK would be banned because they use short clips of voice-overs and/or legally binned music. But the app allows people to create their own interpretation of it. 

So for this assignment (#3), I chose to recreate a quote from an Andy Baio video which states “Everything Is A Remix!” This quote is wholeheartedly true, I feel as though every great idea comes from inspiration. Research papers, music, popular dances, etc all derived from past inspiration. All these examples have had to get samples from elements from history in order to modify it to accommodate the current trends or information of the era. This is my visual remix/recreation of this quote.

With this visual, I took a screenshot of the quote from the video and incorporated my own swag into it. I thought the slide that used was a bit depressing. So, I bring my joy of color into my visual as a way of including a little bit of me. You can say I remixed Baio’s mundane slide to something that is more visually appealing to readers.


Vapor Wave Review

Reporting Live:

So, for this post I decided to go from a journalist’s perspective, I want to start off by saying that this art website has some pretty impressive vaporwave art. After all my browsing I noticed a theme throughout most of the designs. There were a lot of Roman/Renaissance sculptures inspo use. Whether it be the well-detailed columns or the head of earlier Roman sculpture models. I also notice the use of neon yellow, blue, and purples. From the overall viewing of the Net Art website, I can confidently say that vaporwave is a combination of modern and old visuals with an enthesis on warm neon colors. 


Personally, I don’t really like the moving or blinking lights vaporwave trend. The moving/blink colors and/or images hurt my eyes and if I look at it for too long it reminds me of a form of hypnosis. However, I do love many of the artwork from the website. I like how so many of them are personalized to the artist and that the artist uses other depictions other than the normal Roman Era inspo. 


Here are a few of my favs: 

From just looking at the picture I know that the artist is graduating this year. This is definitely an inspirational piece because I too will be graduating in May of next year. 

I loved how this artist uses the faded feature and the different line combinations to compliment the detailed visuals. Also, the colors aren’t too loud where the user is distracted.

This piece of art is different, that’s why I like it. Although there is the usage of the neon warm colors, I noticed it doesn’t have any sculpture aesthetics. I think it pretty cool how he made a waterfall flowing out of Arizona can. It’s Beautiful!

Louannie N. Smith

Are Memes Art?

Are Memes Art?

So the pressing question of week 4 is “Are Memes a form of art? 

The simple answer to this is Yes, yes it is! 

If we go back to the simple definition of the word “Art” it is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.” Also, In the words of Luigi’s, “Art is whatever makes you think and evokes emotion.” That’s basically what memes do!

Before you disagree, hear me out!

Memes are capable of relaying any thought with a funny sound. Meme models are basically a blank canvas, and making something that is successful from these bits and pieces of references will take a little craft. The fact that you can use, say, a scene from an iconic reference and use a different and even unrelated topic on it and still make it fun for many, makes memes a language of its own.  It also becomes an interesting way for everyone to share our feelings. The software to create this art form is very much user friendly as well, so anyone can be an Artist. 


Here are some of my favorite meme art: 

This one was so relatable and funny because Will Smith’s caption is my very same thoughts when my parents tell me to clean up. Lol 

This one was funny because if you watch Fresh Prince, Carlton is a good & obedient child and is very proper. So, him not going to bed on time makes him rebellious.

An example of my very own artistic meme art is this image below.

Overall this was a fun assignment, I got to explore what a meme is and also create my own. I love how I can embrace my creativity in this class! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

Week 12: Classmate’s Website Review


I looked at a few of my classmates’ websites and it was nice to see the variety of different content people were focused on. The domain names were very creative and authentic. Here is a review of my top 3 favorite websites from my classmates: 


The first domain name that caught my eye was Tershara Hogan. Wheelchair Bae is very intriguing, call me noisy but I wanted to know more about this person. I have sooo many questions; Is she disabled because I’ve never an disabled classmate before. Also, I’m intrigued to hear the background story behind using a wheelchair? What are the benefits and challenges of using a wheelchair? Has it been difficult during quarantine? I loved the website slogan too “The Rolling Rebel”. It shows me that she has embraced her reality and she’s breaking stereotypes and the limitations set for her. For her first blog post I think it’d be cool to write about her backstory and the reason she chose this domain name. I think her website would inspire a lot of people! Can’t wait to see the final product, I’ll be looking out for it!


I like the website setup, it looks like Kysa is very up to date with the personalization of her website from the previous 3-4 weeks. I loved how she introduced herself and what I’ll be viewing in her posts. I liked how incorporated a very nice picture of herself. This was a nice touch because now that we are online we can’t see each other to remember faces and interact. So, by her putting up a picture of herself allowed me to put a face to a name. I viewed one post and I loved how she made a Youtube video instead of writing a lengthy blog post. This was definitely different.  I look forward to reading/watching more. 

3. https://slimshakey.com/

Shaikh Isalm’s website is something different. Looking at the background picture I knew what it was about. It gives me an irgy feel, so he hit the nail right on about sharing creepy/scary content. I like the different floors he made as well; viewers would be able to view pictures, written stories, and even videos. THIS IS SWEET! 


Midterm Assessment


So, here we are at the last stretch of the semester. Overall, I can proudly say that I’ve really enjoyed this CT 101 course. I love the fact that the assignments we’re given don’t ever feel like it’s a burden to complete. I love the fact that it’s a class that is set at our own pace. This has been a great advantage because I do have much more demanding classes this semester. I also love how we’re being pushed to be creative and authentic. Not a lot of courses give you the chance to do something like that. However, just like any other class, we were tasked with a midterm blog post questionnaire.


Below I have provided the main questions asked and my honest answers. 

What have been some of the main skills that have been discovered, learned, and applied? 

The main skills I’ve discovered while in CT 101 is the art of using memes/gifs. Memes/gifs are used as another form of communication, it expresses relatable feelings/thoughts using pictures. Another skill I’ve discovered is creating logos, this skill came about when we created our domain names. I knew I wanted an original logo, so I decided to use my helpful internet & YouTube to learn the process. I was surprised at how easy it was to do and how enjoyable it was to make them. Here some samples: 

What do you know now that you did not know before the class began? 

All the different concepts thus far that we have learned were all new to me. I knew of gifs and how to personalize but I didn’t know how to embed them or even make it move on a post.  I didn’t know that a website took a lot of customization. I thought we would’ve made a domain, change some coloring and effects around, then we would start blogging weekly. We spent 3 classes just setting up the logistics and background information on the front page to look personalized. 

What are your strengths so far? 

I believe my strengths so far is writing and organizing my thoughts in my post; Everything seems to flow & synchronize. Also, I think my creativity is a strength, I have a lot of ideas and I like to play around with content to ensure it’s perfect for my liking. Thirdly, I’m a fast learner so the new concepts we learn each week aren’t difficult to execute. 

What do you need to work on and make improvements on? 

Comments more on my classmates’ posts. If I improve on this it would ensure that I’m fully completing all the requirements for the class. Also, looking/commenting on others’ work can help me come up with ideas when I have writer’s block. I would like to work more on embedding videos into my post, that’s one concept I haven’t used yet in any of my posts. 

How have the assignments helped you as a communicator? 

The assignments have been a lot like written tutorials to the skills we’ve been learning. I feel as though I’m able now to fully explain myself, where people can fully understand. This is a great skill set to have in writing because it ensures your reader is understanding and following the ideas/theme of your writing/body of work. 

What grade do you feel you have earned so far in our class?

I think my grade should be ranging in the A category. My work is always done for the most part and I provide really good blog posts. My work is authentic and reader-friendly. 


Information on my website:

Three weeks ago we registered our domain name. I chose RAAIWLou.com as my blog post domain. “RAAIW” is an abbreviation for Read All About It WIth Lou( Short for Louannie lol). Check the hyperlink to check out my recent post and feel free to leave a comment! Thanks! 

Louannie N. Smith

Domain Registration

I’m officially an owner of my very own website.

So out of my 3 domain option names, I chose to go with RAAIWLou.Com!

I personally felt that they name was fitting for all the thousand & one ideas I would like to incorporate into my website. I’ve settle on doing a blog, self journal kind of blog website. So, each week I would sure one idea and/or event that has been the highlight of the week. In doing this, it gives me the opportunity to share all my ideas I came up with in my last post. (Here’s the link to checkout my brainstormed ideas: https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/domain-name-assignment-2/?preview_id=2152&preview_nonce=57fb21556f&post_format=standard&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true

This process in registration goes my domain was soooooo easy. It was so effortless and user friendly, that I was able to register from my IPhone! It took me about 2 minutes to read over the instructions and another 2 to complete the process! Lol


I wish I would’ve did it the day of when we got the assignment. I know, It’s the procrastinator in me!

Here are come screenshot of evidence that I’m registered:

1st Pic: I got an email welcoming me. How sweet?!

2nd Pic:This was the last in which you had to do, which is to verify my email.

3nd Pic: I just clicked the link reclaim provided & my email was verified in less than a minute.

Overall, this was one of the easiest assignments to complete. You just had to follow instructions & your good to go. For the future assignments, I think it’s going to get more difficult because I’ll have to make the final decisions about everything for my website. And boy am I my best believe biggest critique! But I have high expectations/hopes to create phenomenal content!

Louannie N. Smith

Domain Name Assignment

So this the assignment I was waiting for all along, the starting up of my very own website. It seems like I would have it together seeing that I’ve been waiting all this time. But in reality, it seems that I have some writer’s block! It took me a whole week to complete this post. In all honesty, I don’t have a clue as to what I want my website to be about. I have so many ideas and I’m not sure if it’ll all flow together.

My current mood is this Giphy! Lol

I’ve decided to just write down all the ideas I’m currently thing about.

My first idea is to create a self journal where I document my daily activities. I want to incorporate daily inspirational quotes/bible verses to start off my blog post. It would be like my very own journal but digitally, I’ll discuss daily struggles, my wins, and any changes in my life. My purpose behind this is to inspire someone who may identify themselves with me.

Another idea is to document all the fun and exciting things to do in NYC. I would document my experience with pictures, videos and a brief summary/rating of the place was. I’ll be like a self-made critic. With this idea, I intend to also give my audience some quarantine safe activities to do, due to COVID-19.

The last idea would be to create a website where I can share my fashion, hair care, and skincare tips. It’ll be all about self-care for women, its good to always take some time for yourself. We all have busy lives but treating yourself once a week at least can release some stress and help you unwind from a world that’s always on the go.

Some of the domain names I have in mind are:

  1. AllThingsLou.Com
  2. Simply_Lou.Com
  3. ReadAllAboutItWith_Lou.Com or RAAIW_Lou.Com
  4. LouannieNSmith.Com

DS 106 Assignment

This week’s assignment on DS 106 was pretty interesting. I got to explore some pretty dope content that I think I could possibly use for my own website when the time is right.

This week we were task with finding an assignment that we could try now and another in which we would later develop the skills to do it later. The first assignment I chose was from the “Mashup Assignment: Storytelling Through Text.”

If you direct your attention to the below this text, I’ve left a picture of what the page looks like. I also have hyperlinked the assignment name in the text.

In this assignment, I had to create a story through text. I’ve seen many of these examples on Youtube ads or on my Facebook timeline. Most of the examples I’ve seen have a thriller like a theme. It starts off as a normal conversation through text and one person always appears to be in trouble.

To complete this assignment, all I needed was my iPhone and an app called “Texting Story.” With this app, I have the ability to create a text tread between two or more individuals. Also, I’m able to edit the names of the people I’m texting and able to screen record the whole thing.

This is what the app looks like for iPhone users

This app is quite effective in creating this assignment. The harder part is just coming up with a storyline to make the text thread interesting. It was a little weird because I was basically talking to myself. But I made it as interesting as possible.

Here is the finished product of my recreation of “Storytelling Through Text.” Hope it is as entertaining as it was creating it!

The second part of the assignment was to find something that I needed more informative knowledge to create. For this assignment, I wanted to learn how to create my very own Logo. this assignment could be found in the  Visual Assignment folder.

This how the assignment looks. I wanted to know more about this process because when creating my own blog website, I intend on creating making my very own to put off my site. This would personalize my work a little bit more and people tend to do better with remembering visual rather than words. I would love to create a logo that helps me become memorable with my CT101 peers.

To do this website I’m not sure what I would have to use as yet. But I intend on doing some more research. I’m pretty sure in this day and age I could find some app to help me with the process.


Louannie N. Smith




Assignment #2:A Gif Story

To be honest, my initial feeling of this class was of all my other classes. It was another 10 o’clock class that I had to get up from my Cozy cover for.

I think everybody can relate to not wanting to wake up for an early morning class. lol

My mindset was immediately changed when I signed on to our first zoom meeting and here was the class was all about. I was intrigued!

I was overjoyed at how well detailed, laidback and understanding Professor Seslow was. I also loved that I could go at my own pace in this class.

My thoughts towards being able to set my own workflow pace were like:

“This class finna be a breeze!”

I love that the lessons are user friendly. With the recorded tutorials, our class work is self explanatory. I feel as thought this course can be used as a crash course”Blogging 101 for dummies.”Lol

What I’m really looking forward to is creating my own blog website!

I already have so many ideas as to what o want to blog about. It’ll be like my personal journal that I share with the world & my fellow
CT101 classmates.

I LOVE HERE!!!!!!!

Im so ready to create/explore all kinds of creative content to build my portfolio.

I can’t wait to see what our next assignment is all about. Should be FUN!!!!!!

(Disclaimer besides the websites given to use to create gifs, I used some content also from tenor.)

Louannie N. Smith

Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

This weeks blog question is “What on the internet brings you happiness?”
Currently, I’m obsess with nail art on Instagram. I love to watch the speed up nail videos, where they show you how they prep the nail and add the nail design.
Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I would say my nail art obsession started when Governor Cuomo shutdown NYC for what felt like a lifetime for the past 4 months. All non essential businesses were closed, this included nail salons. I was having a difficult time during this time.


Usually, I would pamper myself as a type of self care routine each month. So, when it was evident that I couldn’t go, I felt a little down. I took it upon myself to look for cool nail designs I would like to try post-quarantine. I’ve gotten so invested in the process, that when I look at my camera roll it’s filled with tons of cute nail designs that I screenshot. Lol

Here are some of my favorites:


I love the creativity that comes out while creating the art. It’s amazing how these talented nail technicians can create vivid & detailed art on such a small surface. I personally feel as though nail technicians can be compared to a regular artists. I think these technicians have the perfect jobs, they have the ability to create art and make others feel good about themselves in the process. The job is simply rewarding!

Here are a few nail techs in the NYC that I’ve found while surfing through IG:

Harlem: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCMYui-F9vA/?igshid=cod19fhidi8i

Bronx: https://www.instagram.com/p/CChAV9xJate/?igshid=1rsdxg4do471a

Brooklyn: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-I9Iq3p0EN/?igshid=1pq2rl6lry77s

Louannie N. Smith