Are Memes Art?

My face if anyone says Memes are bad for art. Memes is actually the future of art if you ask me! Memes changed the whole aspect of social media and how we react to anything in general!

Memes is 100x better for communication. Memes simply gives us another point of view in viewing things. How many times have we found ourselves laughing at a meme that may be relatable? Don’t lie, I know its a lot!

Btw, this has been my mood lately!

There’s a famous quote that goes by “A picture is worth a thousand words”, We can say the same about Memes! Memes are so much more than just self expression!

You can share your feelings without saying a single word. Isn’t that incredible? To spice it up, if you want, you can write whatever you like in the Meme.

As you guys can tell by now, Lebron James is my favorite athlete!


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