Final Blog Post

So this is really goodbye…

The end of the semester…

CT101 has been a tremendous all around fun ,learning, unique experience.

I can honestly say I enjoyed this course.

For the most part, I feel so much more comfortable being able to express myself through a blog.

I learned how to support my feelings and emotions using GIFS, videos, images and text that are super short and simple.

One thing that I REALLY REALLLYYY, I mean reallyyyyy enjoyed about this course was the freedom to blog about my own interest!

Throughout the semester, I frequently blogged about my favorite athlete, there was simply no better feeling being able to just blog about something that I actually enjoyed.

No seriously, I literally blogged about Lebron James multiple times throughout out the semester, here’s a quick recap of previous blog posts.

In addition to this, I was able to create my very own Website for the first time!


My website is strictly NBA CONTENT!

like whatttttt

I literally own a website where I can publish what I want!

CT101 allowed me to learn, create, edit, publish and allow me to post! This was a great experience! Also, I had peers who commented and gave feedback on my website! That was really awesome! I appreciated it a lot.


I appreciate Professor Seslow’s clear instructions and guidance as well. Being able to look back a Zoom sessions, really helped me a lot in learning how to create my website.

Now, after many many weeks of building knowledge and learning how to create and publish. I finally got to complete my website!

Overall, the only thing that I can say was a bit stressful, was me not wanting to miss a step. I viewed Zoom sessions carefully, so I didn’t have to miss any important steps.

But it was all part of the process!

Now… what grade do I believe I earned…

I have to admit… I believe I earned nothing less than a A-!

I say this because I completed all assignments, in addition I tried my best to include everything I learned over the semester in my work!

Overall, every good thing must come to an end!

And the semester is upon completion!

I appreciate you all! and everything I learned in CT101!!



Vapor Wave!

Vapor Wave! Vapor wave images are definitely something that takes a toll on my eyes lol!

The bright colors and constant moving is something I don’t enjoy looking at late night, if I’m sleepy!

Overall, Vapor Wave images are unique and cool! It brings a night life club vibe!

As mentioned before, I don’t hate Vapor Wave images but I’m not 100% fascinated with it either!

It gets me a little dizzy after looking at these images for a while lol!

Commenting on other websites!

My classmates created wonderful websites that are creative and interesting to navigate through!


One website that I found interesting was Claudia’s Website!

The best thing I like about it, is how easy it is to navigate through!

Another website that I really enjoyed was Oscar’s Website!

His website is super unique and creative! Oscar’s website definitely stands out with the colors and content!

Mid Semester Assessment


This current semester is like no other

This one is for the books..

BTW, this is how 2020 is going so far…

The truth is…

there’s been days this semester where I feel like nothing is going my way. I’m speaking about all my courses btw! some days are simply more stressful than others!

Overall, this Covid semester has been a roller-coaster as many people would say! but I can definitely say I’m getting through it!  The semester is more than half way done, I just need to finish strong!

CT101 has taught me a lot actually! Small things such as inserting hyperlinks, creating giphs, playing with the text, and using many different sources on the internet.

I can comfortably insert hyperlinks with no problem, for example, here’s a link to blackboard. 

These are helpful tips and tools that I can use in the future or with current school work!

Now, one of my main skills that I learned this semester is creating my own Gif! This is something I’ve never knew how to do before.

Now I can easily create GIFS and share with my peers, friends or family members!

So far, at this moment I’m working on my new website, I want to be as unique and creative as possible. so that is something I would definitely like to improve and work  on.

These blog assignments has helped me a lot as a communicator. I genuinely feel like I can speak about anything that’s on my mind or how I feel at the moment. For example, I love basketball! By looking at my previous work viewers can see how much I expressed my love for the game! Click here, and you will see one of my previous post blogging about my passion and love for sports!

I LOVE blogging.

I can speak what’s on my mind!

Like right now! #2020 #president #who’s going to win? #nervous #future


hmm… what grade do I believe I’ve earned?

As of right now, I believe I’ve earned an A. I say this because I’ve been putting in effort into all assignments and using each skill I’ve learned into my work.

BTW, take a look at my website! please take note that I’m far from done and there’s a lot of work to be done! but progress is being made!

As I stated before, I have a passion for the game of Basketball! so I will be publishing NBA content only on my website!

With that being said, thank you all for reading my blog post!

Domain Name Created!

This is so cool! I’m officially a Website owner! First thing I did was open a new tab and searched up my own Website!

The process went well! The instructions and videos really helped.

It honestly feels really good that I have my own website! I know during the upcoming weeks, I will start editing and making the website look extremely awesome!

There’s not really much that I did not dislike..

My only fear is is not being creative enough! I really hope my website will be enjoyable to scroll through!




This is exciting! I already know what I will be publishing on my Website! I just can’t think of a unique, interesting name just yet!

Here’s a list of possible domain names:

I would definitely be publishing NBA content on my website! I’m trying to figure out a catchy Domain name that would fit what I’m going to publish about and something UNIQUE of course.

I want to add my name on the domain just because I will be the owner of the website!

I’m super excited about this next chapter as a website owner! I really want to focus on making sure my website is dedicated to NBA Content only.

I’m looking forward to creating a Website similar to ESPN, Instead focusing on NBA content only.

Another Website I really like is Bleacher Report. This website wasn’t too popular not so long ago, now they’re getting sponsored by the NBA just because they were consistent with their content!

Overall, I’m excited too how this going to go!

DS106 Part 2

Story timeeeee!…..

Once upon a time….. there was a king whom was told he would never win again! They buried his name, questioned his greatness and trolled him for reasons that doesn’t even make sense!

Yet… the king sought for revenge! he remained patient…

Yes! Lebron James.

One of Lebron’s biggest rivals, The Golden State warriors and Curry got the best of him for years! Critics said Lebron would NEVER win again!

Ha Ha Ha..


BTW.. this is my reaction anytime someone questions his GREATNESS!




The Job is yet to be done… to be continued….

DS106 Part 1

This is going to be my first visual assignment I will work on soon! This assignment caught my attention as soon as I saw it. Once I complete this project, I know I will display my work to several people outside of class!

As I was reading the assignment details, I definitely need to familiarize myself with Pixlr, Once I get the hang of it, I should be ready to tackle this work of art.

This sounds like a fun assignment to work on! I’ll give it a try with an NBA team I’m rooting for to win the Championship!

The image below is my final product! This is a committed squad dedicated to win the NBA Championship!

My goal with this assignment was to chose close up pictures in order for viewers to get a good look at it.

In addition, the software I used to complete this assignment is called  

Are Memes Art?

My face if anyone says Memes are bad for art. Memes is actually the future of art if you ask me! Memes changed the whole aspect of social media and how we react to anything in general!

Memes is 100x better for communication. Memes simply gives us another point of view in viewing things. How many times have we found ourselves laughing at a meme that may be relatable? Don’t lie, I know its a lot!

Btw, this has been my mood lately!

There’s a famous quote that goes by “A picture is worth a thousand words”, We can say the same about Memes! Memes are so much more than just self expression!

You can share your feelings without saying a single word. Isn’t that incredible? To spice it up, if you want, you can write whatever you like in the Meme.

As you guys can tell by now, Lebron James is my favorite athlete!


Assignment 2!- GIF

Prior to taking this course I was really nervous into what I was getting myself into! Digital story telling? What could this course possibly consist of? Are my skill sets good enough to achieve in this course?

Is CT101 for experts!?

This was my reaction after I finished my first Ct101 zoom session! Getting to know what we were going to do in this course seems very exciting! In my opinion, this course is going to feel like 15 weeks of actually learning something interesting!

CT101 is so much more fun than my other courses! I actually enjoy working on assignments in this course! On the other hand, assignments for my other courses… not so much







Me every time I do something creative in this course! There’s so much potential! I know once I absorb as much as I can from this course, I will continue creating content on my own!



Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Greetings Everyone!

My Favorite Player

What makes me happy? the truth is sports make me happy. You can imagine how I felt when sports had to be canceled for a period of time. There was no more turning on the TV at night and watching my favorite team or player play LIVE. Now that sports are managing to find a way to play, I’m super excited.

If you haven’t noticed already, one of my favorite athletes of all time is Lebron James. I enjoy watching him give it his all on and off the court. If you never watched him play or watched his highlights, please watch how great Lebron is at his craft.

Currently, Lebron James is competing for a championship. There’s no better feeling than watching his team play every 2 days. It is something I simply look forward too and enjoy watching.