Assigment 8: Domain Name

I’ve always wanted a place to put my writing. That’s been my preferred method of creative expression ever since I was super young– I don’t have the patience for the painstaking process of learning techniques and whatnot for creating art and music, and I adore the immediacy of having a thought and being able to put it to paper that writing allows. Of all creative methods, it’s the best bang for your buck, so to speak. So, I want my website to be a place for me to put all of the writing I do as a hobby: The ideas and whatnot for my DnD worlds, the little vignettes I write as snapshots into the character’s lives, the short stories that I’ve scribbled into the old notebooks in my attic.

But names are hard. They’re always the thing that trips me up. I do have a few ideas though.

Aaquib Abdullah Writes: This is extremely simple, but I think that there’s power in simplicity. Anyone who finds it will immediately know what’s going on. I’m Aaquib Abdullah, and I like to write.

In Azure Clad: This is the title I’ve kept in the back of my head for the fantasy novel I’d love to write one day. It means nothing to anyone but me, but the website is for me anyways, right?

Brain Cabinet: Kinda like a Mind Palace, but not as fancy. I don’t think it’s accurate to think of whatever’s going on up there as a palace. Since the site’s pretty much going to just be me dumping whatever comes to my head, it serves as a little cabinet, like the one you keep all the plastic bags in.

The Library: Pretty self-explanatory, I think.
The Corner: My writing setup at home is set up in a corner desk that I like to just call the corner, and the site would just be an extension of that, right?

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  1. hey Aaquib, I agree names are hard I wish there was a way to start without choosing immediately. In Azurd Clad sounds really cool but brain cabinet is clever whichever you pick will sound great.

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