Assignment # 1 Happy weekend!

Me thinking of happy things before class

Assignment #1 – Happy weekend!

I think the internet will stay undefeated forever. When I’m not doing what I am suppose to be doing most likely I am on instagram or Twitter catch up something funny. Sooo …

I am a huge sports fan. My favorite sports are Baseball, Football, and basketball. I watch and play all three when I can. In every sport, I root for all New York teams meaning Mets, then Yankees, Giants then Jets, and the Knicks.


This Sunday the New York Giants played against the Tennessee Titans in a hard fought battle the game came down to the final seconds and the New York Giants came away with a win in New York fashion which is a nail bitter. New York in every sport leaves you at the edge of your seat I was certainly going crazy yelling at the TV with all the exciting action going on.  Sort of like this. BEFORE WATCHING this video has a bit explicit language sorry in advance but I find it hilarious.


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