The Final Blog Post

The Final Blog Post

Reflecting on the first day to the last day  of class. I am a little sad that this class has come to an end but not sad that the semester is over. Overall like I  mention in previous post, before this is the best class I have ever taken. Before this class i thought alcoholism was the best class to take and it was my number 1 class until I took this class. CT 101 was a great learning journey because the class was an open discussion and felt different. Ct 101 class was not just a normal lecture class and the professor going on and on about whatever topic they needed to go over.
Ct 101 setting was different the classroom is a studio. Everyday in class I would sit different because the feeling of class was different. Some days I’m sitting toward the computer, other days I am turned in between the computer and looking at the professor, and other days I am just reading the subtitles to everyone talking as if it’s a movie.
When I'M Really Invested In Someone Else'S Conversation GIF - Michaeljackson Popcorn Watching - Discover & Share GIFs
It did not feel like class it felt like a sanctuary of learning about life and the different situations that come up. The most memorable thing that was learned in the class was communication is key, and there are many ways of communicating; talking, sign language, dancing, writing, and a new way that I never thought about is gifs. Gifs is a new way of communicating it lets people know their reaction and how people feel better than words. Gifs also can be used to tell a story or sequence of events. Learning how to make gifs is something I will always be grateful for because it’s another way for me to express myself when words don’t do it justice.


I plan on using my own gifs after this class on social media and with my friends and family in text and using more creativity to add to it. I feel like this class has also help me with thinking and looking at things differently. Using creativity more is a goal in my everyday life and I plan on pursing it more. I was getting used to the system. I had a hard time showing a creative side and a hard time coming up with ideas on posts. My mindset was just getting the post done but being generic. I also plan on using my website that was made in this class.

Still not entirely sure about the direction I want it to go in yet. But I am leaning toward just showing things that I like as if it’s a newer version of myspace. For example my highlights of me high school playing football. Adding to it, highlights of me playing playstation games. Eventually the end goal I want to make it into a business that I can sell clothing. Throughout the semester using Giphy,, photopea, on previous post and getting comfortable with those websites to edit gifs I think I should get an A in this class.  I should get an A because doing those other posts before this last post, I feel comfortable to be an actual blogger. I feel like I be an actual blogger and blogging everyday for the rest of my life. From the first post that I did all the way to this one I would be more than glad to do them again because each post was enjoyable and did not feel like school work. It felt like I was something I would like to do in my spar time.
If I had to pick which post I like the best it would be the third assignment Memes being art. This assignment open my eyes to me liking art more because I had the impression of art being drawing,, painting, things like that I can not do well; But using memes which I feel I am good at is apart of art, along with mainly everything else i do. Art is part included with all things like making a sandwich as James Franco would say, it’s all art.
To end I really appreciate the professor for this class using new ideas to make learning new things in technology enjoyable. This class was the best! very happy I got to take this course.

Week # 10 Picking a Domain name

Week #10 Assignment 8

My experience registering a domain name for my website was great.

I felt like I was learning how to swim except that the Professor would not allow anyone to drown for a second. I was nervous at the beginning because I was not sure if my code would work and I would have to pay for the website due to the fact I am doing this late. But following along with the video mostly everything is smooth.

Getting to this page I was at ease because this resembles other websites that are user friendly for me to handle.
I am just excited, at what this can turn into the power is like
After doing part 1 I thought the process was going to be a lot harder but shocking it was not.

Assignment # 4 Project DS106

Assignment # 4 Project DS106

I saw this assignment here and thought it was not hard to do. After realizing I need help on doing this I scroll down to the two tutorials you see at the bottom.

The links to the left refers me to the link on the right


After that I was brought to Canva a website that generates jifs and pictures together but before that I had to separate the jif alone, as well as the background I wanted.

After that I put both files together in the website

This is what the end result looks like
This was the final score of a football game on last Saturday 12/17/22. I chose this as the background because this football game crazy. What made it crazy was that the Indianapolis colts were wining the game as you can see from the picture above the jif, with 33 points ahead of the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the game and towards the end of the game Minnesota comes back from behind a huge point difference and wins the game in overtime. That is something very rare that happens in sports a come from behind victory. So I thought the perfect background of Clint Eastwood doing his turn around in disgust of the score like any Indianapolis fan would be just perfect irony.

Assignment #5 Digital Art Making Immediacy

Assignment #5 Digital Art Making Immediacy

This is a picture of another universe that we do not know about and at the same time it is a heaven that lives oddly in my head, very weird. The avengers watching the Olympics. In this picture they are in the middle of watching David and Goliath  fight in sport. I am inspired by sports and I wanted to show some type of football game. But I could not make it look how I wanted so I thought of things that I also like. I am currently watching the timeline order of the avengers and I thought of all the characters and I thought about my favorites then I thought about adding them all in that I can think of. A wolf is my favorite animal. So I thought they would be nice to add to the picture. Along with my imagination I thought they can be a trophy and the winner between David and Goliath would get the wolves.
I think creativity is going from a to b, meaning nothing to something, white blank paper to the ending of whatever you started on the white blank paper. I think immediacy is another word for dopamine. Dopamine is in the body in whatever action the person is doing and finding enjoyment in it.  Intuition is when your brain works its motion, and the right answer or idea comes to your mind.  The order of those 3 things for art or creation is immediacy + creativity + intuition get the masterpiece.
Being alive to me means feeling, and realizing you feeling the emotion that you’re feeling. I guess in other words being in the moment. I never thought about the question about being alive beyond someone’s else interpretation but now that it is ask the movie that comes to mind is Soul the Disney  movie.
In the movie I connect with it because us/me as humans have ambitions to become or do the thing we want. And think thats the life to live right there until we have it or get to that goal; After that we move on to something else that we want more than likely.  So what I think the movie is saying is, what we want is not really living it’s more so knowing you’re alive doing things we want to do or even things we don’t want to do thats how you know you’re alive.  Another way of being alive is through religion.

walking and building a relationship with god. I believe through Christianity  Jesus can and does make us feel alive spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I believe he has all power to do that. Talking, praying, meditating in Jesus and through time I believe what you want/looking for in life everything will be reveal to you and its in different ways you get answers.  I believe he answers all prayers and questions that is ask to him all is said in his word. His ways are not our ways and I don’t think it’s for us to understand. I believe that when god made our brains ….


And allow us to use 10% of it is just mind blowing in its own right; But whatever percentage is part of the imagination is wild to think about because being aware of the ability to think and audit this awareness to have the ability is just

hard to fathom pretty much. I don’t think its possible to intervene only right down what comes to mind which is this blog post. Me realizing I am living and creating knowing I am doing both is like wow and this the only thing coming to mind at the moment.
Inside Out Anger GIF - Inside Out Anger Explode - Discover & Share GIFs
I am passionate about doing the right thing as well as watching and rooting for the New York Giants and jets, and any other New York sports teams basketball, baseball all New York.  I always wanted to share my talent for the 3 sports meaning playing at the pro level and winning the championship as the fans watch me.  What holds me back is I never pursue it when I had the chance in college along with my health not being the best physically.

Assignment #3 Memes of Art

Assignment #3 Memes of Art


Internet search for “Are memes ART?” findings:  Here

This is the first link from the search of what is art?
The second link to what is art is this :  100% 
I also agree with the picture above.

Are Meme’s Art? ….. Base on the video of Are LOLCats and Internet Memes Art? Idea Channel PBS Digital Studios  

This is from the movie THIS IS END where Six Los Angeles celebrities are stuck in James Franco’s house after a series of devastating events just destroyed the city. Inside, the group not only have to face the apocalypse, but themselves. This is the scene I thought of when we was ask about memes being art. James Franco shows Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel a painting of James Franco name and Seth Rogan name side by side each other. Jay Baruchel said he is not into art. James Franco responds telling him everything that is art in a (what I think is funny way) James Franco way.

Actually I think the better question is what’s not art?

Thinking about this question mostly everything we see art, weather that’s outfits we wear or eating food, most of the time if the food we eat looks good like commercials we at least try because it looks good, even looking at buildings we walk into everyday its all art.

Ultimately art is good because it makes life worth living. For example in the picture below to actually go see nature like this in real time would be amazing. I think it would take some effort to get in the exact spot which would be struggle meaning the movement the money etc and the payoff would be seeing this taking it all in.  Art.


I think art is great for commutation as well because like I said in a recent post about commutation, things can be look at in different ways.  So the challenge to talk or express what you are trying to say would be fun using art. For example when talking to anyone whether it’s an interview or anyone you like you don’t want the conversation to be boring. If it is then most likely the conversation is not going to last long and you won’t get the job or the person you like to like you back because of a lack of fun, creativity, or art.  So showing art will only make life better because you would be force to be better at it so you can get the things you want in life due to art.

Memes are not just self expression I think because it can be use for other things like politics.

I will never forget I was about 10 or 11 years old and I saw this picture in the newspaper and I thought this guy was great and helpful to the people of America. Little did I know this is someones uncle sam that is collecting money from everyone to call help with things in America. I have different views on it now but memes can be used in different ways not just self expression even when you go on Imgur or giphy there are different category of memes for different things.

Memes can be used for storytelling. Perfect example is me making the memes for this post.
Me putting my work together for this post

I crafted my experience using memes that had words in them that connected my narrative and if it did not have words I added it to them.

Assignment # 2 New communication Gifs

Assignment # 2 New Communication Gifs

To gifs or not to gifs, that is what has come of us today. How to gif and show your personality?

Thinking Reaction GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

Many platforms can help make gifs, the top2 websites are Giphy and Imgur. For me making an account on Imgur was easier than Giphy was. For me that made me choose Imgur over Giphy right away less of a headache.  For some odd reason on the website there was an issue saving my password. Other than that I was making a gif on Imgur but where I wanted to start and end the gif gave me trouble. After giving it a good effort I gave up and I went to giphy. On their website to do the gif I wanted the start and end time making the gif was less 1,2,3 easy.  So making the gif is more easy than on Imgur.

Good blogging is when there is a Gif. Having an blog with out a gif is like a newspaper article without a picture very rare I read it, only if I had to or if its about something I needed then I would read it.

Gifs are away of life, its part of us because millions of people are on social media and social media can not keep going without Gifs and memes. There is a saying  I said it in my first post, “the internet is undefeated

Its Pretty much  a new language that people can understand without any words just like sling words becoming part of the dictionary.  But at the same time there is another saying that says “a picture is worth a 1000 words” I say that to say one group of people can see a picture and think one way. While there are other people that think just the opposite of the same picture. Perfect example the picture at the top is used to say the internet is undefeated but in reality Muhammad Ali actually has 5 losses in his career.

Floyd Mayweather is actually undefeated in boxing so he should been the picture I used for the internet being undefeated. So to answer the question yes gifs can tell a story, but I would say to be clear with the story you want to tell maybe should use more than one gif, as well as an explanation.

Starting the first class as soon as I sat down I was not into it just because its the first class. But when the professor started to just talk and tell us about himself and how the class is set up and everything is recored I started to think this class is not bad at all.

Ill Be Back Jim Carrey GIF

When the professor was explaining  the course and its creative content. I felt like there was a chance of me getting an A in the class. I actually always wanted to make my own memes but I never took the steps to make my own.

Comparing this class to other classes is like asking a kid do they want to eat cook vegetables that mom made or McDonalds. It’s obvious the answer is McDonalds.  Mostly all other professors main focus is getting through the syllabus to say they did their job. This professor is connecting to the students then working with them to get through the syllabus. I just feel a difference.

The creative potentials to this class is endless and its really up to me and the class to where this class can go in creativity. But for me doing these assignments and what I find funny reminds me of peter  from family guy. Because my thinking is either block because I don’t use my creative side anymore or something I think is funny thats not funny to others or it may not be appropriate.

 learning new skills that use Internet tools is one of the best I things we should be learning because everything in this world is technology base or moving in that direction. So doing the post I feel smart but I think after the class I am going to go back to my old ways and not always using technology with creativity involve.

Season 1 Wow GIF by Rick and Morty


Assignment # 1 Happy weekend!

Me thinking of happy things before class

Assignment #1 – Happy weekend!

I think the internet will stay undefeated forever. When I’m not doing what I am suppose to be doing most likely I am on instagram or Twitter catch up something funny. Sooo …

I am a huge sports fan. My favorite sports are Baseball, Football, and basketball. I watch and play all three when I can. In every sport, I root for all New York teams meaning Mets, then Yankees, Giants then Jets, and the Knicks.


This Sunday the New York Giants played against the Tennessee Titans in a hard fought battle the game came down to the final seconds and the New York Giants came away with a win in New York fashion which is a nail bitter. New York in every sport leaves you at the edge of your seat I was certainly going crazy yelling at the TV with all the exciting action going on.  Sort of like this. BEFORE WATCHING this video has a bit explicit language sorry in advance but I find it hilarious.